Series     Author
Divine Fornication Aames, Aimelie
Her Billionaire, Her Wolf Aames, Aimelie
The Marechal Chronicles Aames, Aimelie
A Reluctant Witch in The Land of BDSM Aames, Aimelie
Euphoria Aames, Andi
Freeway at Night Aarden, Elsa
The Hot Outsiders Aarden, Elsa
Love Beyond Sight Aarden, Elsa
The Stolen Mysteries Aarden, Elsa
A Story of Wolves Aarden, Elsa
Flights Of Fancy Aaron, Melodee
An Ike Payne Adventure Aaron, Melodee
Fallen Aaron, Tiffany
The Veil Aaron, Tiffany
Celebrity Sex Tape Abraham, Farrah
Humanotica Abriel, Darcy
Zytarri Abriel, Darcy
Bridled Acres, Natalie
Clink Acres, Natalie
Contemporary Cowboys Acres, Natalie
Country Roads Acres, Natalie
Cowboy Addiction Acres, Natalie
Cowboy Boots Acres, Natalie
Cowboy Sex Acres, Natalie
Cowboys at Play Acres, Natalie
The Extortionists Acres, Natalie
Outlaws Acres, Natalie
Trouble Acres, Natalie
An Amish Awakening Adaire, Alexis
The Billionaires' Playmate Adaire, Alexis
Probed Adaire, Alexis
Shy River Pack Adams, Bec
The Cat Burglars Adams, Cara
Caves of Correction Adams, Cara
The Dom's Dungeon Adams, Cara
Dungeon Masters Adams, Cara
A Man to Love Adams, Cara
The Millionaire's Grandsons Adams, Cara
Seducing Them Adams, Cara
Shape-Shifter Clinic Adams, Cara
The Swordsmen Adams, Cara
Unchained Love Adams, Cara
Werewolf Brides Adams, Cara
Werewolf Castle Adams, Cara
Werewolves of Hanson Mall Adams, Cara
Werewolves Wanting Love Adams, Cara
Wolf Pack Mates Adams, Cara
The Adventures of Miles Diamond Adams, Derek
The Making of a Man Adams, Diane (1)
In the Shadow of the Wolf Adams, Diane; Scott, R.J.
Covert Lovers Adams, Eve
Riding Adams, Eve
Four Temptations Adams, P.J.
Let's Make This Thing Happen Adams, P.J.
Object of His Desire Adams, P.J.
Winner Takes All Adams, P.J.
Romeo Club Addams, Brita
The Sapphire Club Addams, Brita
Tarnished Addams, Brita
Going the Distance Addison, Cara
Hondo Adele, Claire
Wolves of West Texas Adele, Claire
Beyond the Veil Aden, Toby
The Melrose Coven Aden, Toby
Santiago Pack Aden, Toby
A Distant Edge Romance Adler, Chloe
Gallant Gentlemen's Guild Adrienne, Kerry
Shifter Wars Adrienne, Kerry
Divine Aidan, Nadia
Downing Brothers Aidan, Nadia
Friends and Lovers Aidan, Nadia
Heroes and Harlots Aidan, Nadia
Imperial Desires Aidan, Nadia
Red Velvet Rope Aidan, Nadia
Revenge Never Dies Aidan, Nadia
Spartan Chronicles Aidan, Nadia
Darmain Colony Lovers Airies, Rebecca
Daughters of Selene Airies, Rebecca
Dragons' Touch Airies, Rebecca
Paranormal Protectorate Airies, Rebecca
Primal Attraction Airies, Rebecca
Protective Affairs Airies, Rebecca
Second Chance Airies, Rebecca
Stone Passions Airies, Rebecca
Sword and Sorcery Airies, Rebecca
Whyr Desires Airies, Rebecca
A Witch's Destiny Airies, Rebecca
Hot Scots Alam, Donna
My Kind of Hero Alam, Donna
Pretty Alam, Donna
Phoenix Albergucci, Anna
The Boss' Slave Albright, Eve
Clash of Passion Albright, Eve
Friendly Benefits Albright, Eve
Hunting Games Albright, Eve
Renegade Lovers Albright, Eve
Storms of Desire Albright, Eve
When Desire Whispers Albright, Eve
Bewitched and Bewildered Alder, Alanea
Kindred of Arkadia Alder, Alanea
Kelly Winchester Alex, Alex J.
International Affairs Alex, Demi
Big Bands, Big Hearts Alex, Sandra
Ford Brothers Alex, Sandra
Miles for Love Alex, Sandra
Rock Star Romance Alex, Sandra
Heroes of Saturn Alexander, Anna
Men of the Sprawling A Ranch Alexander, Anna
Persimmon Alexander, Cass
Angel and the Assassin Alexander, Fyn
James Brothers Alexander, Jasmine
Wild Alexander, Jasmine
Whispering Mountain Alexander, Kortny
Alpha Bet Guys Alexander, Phoebe
Eastern Shore Swingers Alexander, Phoebe
Juniper Court Alexander, Phoebe
Mountains Alexander, Phoebe
All Cowboy Alexander, Randi
Double Seduction Alexander, Randi
Ghosts of High Paradise Ranch Alexander, Randi
Heroes in the Saddle Alexander, Randi
Hot Country Alexander, Randi
Tate Pack Alexander, Vicktor
Lickin' License Allah, Intelligent
Goode Pain Allan, Annabel
Smoke Chaser Allan, Annabel
Barnes Family Alleman, Normandie
Myths Retold Alleman, Normandie
Web Master Alleman, Normandie
Human Design Allen, Katie
Off Guard Allen, Katie
Research and Desire Allen, Katie
Antonello Brothers Allen, Kayelle
Antonello Brothers: Immortal Allen, Kayelle
Bringer of Chaos Allen, Kayelle
Tales of the Chosen Allen, Kayelle
Demented Sons MC Allen, Kristine
Legally Bound Allen, Rebecca Grace
Portland Rebels Allen, Rebecca Grace
Bandmates Allen, Rida
Clayridge Chronicle Allie, Cameron
Love Me or Leave Me Allie, Cameron
Naughty or Nice Allie, Cameron
Our Love Story Allie, Cameron
Unexpected Changes Allie, Cameron
Immortal Paradise Allister, J. Rose
Lone Wolves of Shay Falls Allister, J. Rose
On Fire for Daddy Allister, J. Rose
Sons of Herne Allister, J. Rose
Club Zombie Allora, Z.
The Dark Angels Allora, Z.
Made in China Allora, Z.
Club Exotica Allure, Kate
Meeting Men Allure, Kate
Steamy Love Scenes Almond, Erika
Burnt Skies Alters, Jade
Mates & Magic Alters, Jade
Reapers of Crescent City Alters, Jade
The Inversion Chronicles Amalova, Alexandra
A Very Secret Garden Anders, Karan
Dragon Royalty Andersen, L.C.
Stolen Mates Andersen, L.C.
Demon Reverse Harem Andersen, Lacey Carter
Harem of the Shifter Queen Andersen, Lacey Carter
An Iceilus Reverse Harem Andersen, Lacey Carter
Warriors of Rome Andersen, Lacey Carter
Alternative Futures Andersen, Lacey Carter; Hope, Averi
Kissed by an Immortal Anderson, Andi
Men of Charlestown Anderson, Andi
Sons of Aphrodite Anderson, Andi
Welcome to Paradise Anderson, Heidi Lynn
Broken Anderson, Kol
Senseless Anderson, Kol
Hunters Anderson, Larisa
La Di Da Di Bloody Da! Anderson, Robin
Southern Supernatural Alphas Anderson, Sara
Warriors of Dareen Anderson, Sara
Bear Shifter Anderson, Terry
Billionaire Vampires Anderson, Terry
Menage a Trois Anderson, Terry
Panther Shifter Anderson, Terry
Tiger Shifter Anderson, Terry
Werebear Anderson, Terry
Werewolf Anderson, Terry
Keepers of the Law Andrews, Hennessee
Rough in the Saddle Andrews, Hennessee
The Texas Senator's Sons Andrews, Hennessee
Gay Amish Romance Andrews, Keira
Friends and Lovers Andrews, Liz
Karmic Consultants Andrews, Vivi
Lone Pine Pride Andrews, Vivi
Serengeti Shifters Andrews, Vivi
Superlovin' Andrews, Vivi
Bought By The Billionaire Brothers Andria, Alexx
Club Chrome Andria, Alexx
Dirty Sexy Rich Andria, Alexx
Dragon's Wing Andrus, Jennie
True Love Anne, Betsy
Endeavors Anne, Jacqueline
Field Anne, Jacqueline
Sweet Lovers Anne, Jacqueline
Dance Anson, Cris
The Platinum Society Anson, Cris
The Dark Hart Chronicles Anthony, Alexandra
Vampire Destiny Anthony, Alexandra
Bunny Tails Anthony, Camille
Paradyse Found Anthony, Camille
Swept Off Her Feet Anthony, Camille
Tales of the Quiet Kitty Anthony, Camille
Werewulf Journals Anthony, Camille
Women of Steel Anthony, Camille
Marketplace Antoniou, Laura
Kisses Antunez, Raquel
Carnal Anwar, Celeste
Project Nemesis Anwar, Celeste
Anderson High Wolves Apple, Kelly
The Demonkind Chronicles Apple, Kelly
Forgotten Monsters Apple, Kelly
Grimwood Apple, Kelly
Pinnacle Point Apple, Kelly
When Worlds Collide Apple, Kelly
Wicked Pride Apple, Kelly
Vampire Love and Lust April, Dani
King's Bluff, Wyoming Archer, Fiona
Sons of Sydney Archer, Fiona
Burns Brothers Archer, Gillian
Pleasure Code Archer, Gillian
A True Brothers MC Novel Archer, Gillian
Contact Archer, Jade
Nu Hayven Chronicles Archer, Jade
Portals Archer, Jade
Sandpipers Archer, Jade
Ad Agency Archer, Nicole
Dangerous Ardent, Ella
The Phoenix Ardent, Ella
The Plume Ardent, Ella
Tales from Euphoria Ardent, Ella
The Wedding Ardent, Ella
DreamMakers Arend, Vivian; Kennedy, Elle
Love on a Ranch Armani, Abigail
Dear Rose Armstrong, Mechele
Fire Riders Armstrong, Mechele
Settler's Mine Armstrong, Mechele
The Misadventures of Dick Grewcock Arsuaga, Cynthia
Shifter Tales Arsuaga, Cynthia; Arsuaga, Mike
The Mistress Diaries Ash, Jenesi
Alpha Ash, Nora
Ancient Blood Ash, Nora
Darkness Ash, Nora
Demon's Mark Ash, Nora
Feral Ash, Nora
Made & Broken Ash, Nora
The Omega Prophecy Ash, Nora
Lovers' Wheel Ashbless, Janine
Magic and Love Ashbury, Morgan
Reckless Abandon Ashbury, Morgan
Song of the Sirens Ashbury, Morgan
The Eagles of Great Wing Ashcroft, Em
Madame Joly's House of Passion Ashcroft, Em
The Tigers of Texas Ashcroft, Em
Wildcats, Inc. Ashcroft, Em
Deeper Than Love Ashe, Emma
An Indecent Apposal Ashe, Emma
Club Aries Ashley, Jordan
Healing Springs Ashley, Jordan
A Club Babylon Novel Ashley, Tiffany
Basque Ashling, Mickie B.
Cutting Cords Ashling, Mickie B.
Horizons Ashling, Mickie B.
The Doms of Kinky, Kansas Ashlinn, Mia
Love in Luscious, Kansas Ashlinn, Mia
Sweet Serenity Ashlinn, Mia
Bringing the Heat Ashton, Avril
Brooklyn Sinners Ashton, Avril
Fantasies: Thr33 Ashton, Avril
Loose Ends Ashton, Avril
Paranormal Security Council Ashton, Avril
Run This Town Ashton, Avril
The Wicked Ashton, Avril
The Adonis Project Ashton, Jordan
Harbor of Lost Souls Ashton, Jordan
Mates of Nethermore Ashton, Jordan
The Sexy Shifters' Club Ashton, Jordan
The Shadow Gazers Ashton, Jordan
Shifters of the Claiming Kind Ashton, Jordan
Sensual Awakenings Ashton, Laura
Hot PurSuits Ashworthy, Susan
The Manhattanites Aster, Avery
The Undergrad Years Aster, Avery
Elven Conceptions Astor, Jade
Moon Lake Wolves Astor, Jade
Once Upon a Man Astor, Jade
Star Cadets Astor, Jade
Killian Kendall Aterovis, Josh
Hellfire Ranch August, Jennifer
Sexual Magic August, Jennifer
Black Widow Austin, Lena
Dragon's Mate Austin, Lena
Sex World Austin, Lena
Beasts of Bodmin Moor Avalon, Faye
Living Cold Avery, Addison
Special Operations Avery, Etaine
Cajun Heat Avet, Danica
Caressed by Starlight Avet, Danica
Crushes to Cravings Avet, Danica
Love's Defenders Avet, Danica
Southern Sin Avet, Danica
The Veil Avet, Danica
Ogs Aycart, Elle
For Love of Authority Ayers, Rhiannon
Famous Aymes, Kahlen
The Remembrance Trilogy Aymes, Kahlen
GEG Ayres, Jacquelyn
Lost & Found Ayres, Jacquelyn
The Chosen Azod, Shara
Just Cowboys Azod, Shara