Series     Author
Born of Isis Nash, Deloris
Sons of Osiris Nash, Deloris
The Amorous Adventures of Sarah Naso, Emy
The Ravens Revisited Neeley, Rhiannon
Working Stiff Mysteries Nelson, Kerri
Bond of Three Nelson, Virginia
The Cursed Quartet Nelson, Virginia
Odd Nelson, Virginia
Watkin's Pond Nelson, Virginia
A Promise of Passion Nesser, M.E.
Scarlett Rose and the Seven Longhorns Newmar, Lola
Aefre and Constantine Newton, Eve
Bleeding Hearts Newton, Eve
Bound Newton, Eve
Bound to the Devil Newton, Eve
Circle of Darkness Newton, Eve
Dark Fae Kingdom Newton, Eve
Deadly Hearts Newton, Eve
Demon Queen Newton, Eve
The Dragon Realms Newton, Eve
Enchained Hearts Newton, Eve
Eternally Bound Newton, Eve
Forever Newton, Eve
Get Knotted! Newton, Eve
Hell's Heiress: Hell's Heirs Newton, Eve
Irish Wolves Newton, Eve
Order of the Cross Duet Newton, Eve
Silvercrest Pack Newton, Eve
Vampire Queen Newton, Eve
Circle of Friends Nichols, Karen
Coincidences Nichols, Karen
Devil Hills Nichols, Karen
Independence Nichols, Karen
Newport-Aftport Nichols, Karen
Old Devil Hills Nichols, Karen
A Red Crystal Romance Nichols, Karen
WindSwept Narrows Nichols, Karen
Beyond Orion Nichols, Kiel
Lily's Dream Nichols, Kiel
Tribes of Man Nichols, Kiel
All the President's Men Nickol, Rose
Ashcroft Security Nickol, Rose
Blackhawk Creek Nickol, Rose
Club de Fleurs Nickol, Rose
Dakota Pride Nickol, Rose
Heroes of the Heart Nickol, Rose
Men in Blue Nickol, Rose
The Men Nicoll, Elle
The Bounty Hunters: The Marino Bros Nightingale, M.J.
Mystic Nights Nightingale, M.J.
Secrets & Seduction Nightingale, M.J.
Falling Into Stars Nights, Kindred
Cursed Mackinnons Nina, Tara
The Lykoians Nina, Tara
21st Testing Protocol Nix, Imogene
The Automatons Nix, Imogene
Blood Secrets Nix, Imogene
Celtic Cupid Nix, Imogene
House Secrets Nix, Imogene
Knights of Pleasure Nix, Imogene
The Reunion Trilogy Nix, Imogene
The Search Duology Nix, Imogene
Warriors of the Elector Nix, Imogene
Webs Nix, Imogene
Zombiology Nix, Imogene
Norcal Shifters Nixon, Annalise
Billionaires on the Beach Noble, Olivia
Club Luxe: Billionaires Underground Noble, Olivia
'Til Death Norris, Kris
ARe Fearless Norris, Kris
Between the Veils Norris, Kris
Collateral Damage Norris, Kris
Covert Attractions Norris, Kris
Coyote Norris, Kris
Dark Horizon Norris, Kris
Dark Prophecy Norris, Kris
Enchanted Lovers Norris, Kris
From Grace Norris, Kris
Grizzly Encounters Norris, Kris
Handcuffs and Lace Norris, Kris
New Reality Norris, Kris
Phases Norris, Kris
Threshold Norris, Kris
Tombstone Norris, Kris
Wayward Souls Norris, Kris
Beaufort, North Carolina North, Cara
Montana Cowboys North, Cara
The Brothers Mortmain North, Evie
Knights of Passion North, Evie
Knights of Passion: Series Two North, Evie
The Billionaire and the Nanny North, Paige
The Billionaire Croft Brothers North, Paige
Second Chance With My Brother’s Best Friend North, Paige
The Virgin Auctions North, Paige
American Heavy Metal North, Vanessa
Lake Lovelace North, Vanessa
The Ushers North, Vanessa
Pemberley After Dark Norville, Vivienne
Taken In Hand By Mr. Darcy Norville, Vivienne
River of Dreams Nour, Myra
Adventures of Dick Ryder Nytes, Candy