Series     Author
Death Riders Radcliff, Ethan
Desires of Blood Radcliff, Ethan
Molly Jenkins Radcliff, Ethan
Cannon Pack Rae, Beverly
Magical Sisters Rae, Beverly
Night Runner Werewolves Rae, Beverly
Para-mates Rae, Beverly
Samantha Savage Rae, Beverly
Still Sexy Ladies Guide to Dating Immortals Rae, Beverly
Wild Things Rae, Beverly
Always Rae, Sara
Magic Means Rain, Damon
Ariel's Pet Rain, Qwillia
Neighbors Rain, Qwillia
Untwisted Raine, Alice
Hollywood Heat Raine, Ashleigh
A Talisman Bay Novel Raine, Ashleigh
Wicked Missions Raines, Elizabeth
Secrets and Sacrifices Raines, Hunter
Divine Creek Ranch Rainier, Heather
Tangere Tales Rainier, Heather
The Barlow Brothers Ramagos, Tonya
The Heroes of Silver Island Ramagos, Tonya
The Heroes of Silver Springs Ramagos, Tonya
L.U.S.T. Ramagos, Tonya
Rescue Ranch Ramagos, Tonya
Rescue Ranch: The Next Generation Ramagos, Tonya
Rock Hard Seduction Ramagos, Tonya
The Service Club Ramagos, Tonya
Spring Valley Ramagos, Tonya
Stud Service Ramagos, Tonya
Sunset Cowboys Ramagos, Tonya
Temptation Valley Ramagos, Tonya
Three Hearts Ramagos, Tonya
Uniformed and Blazing Hot Ramagos, Tonya
Uniformed and Sizzling Hot Ramagos, Tonya
Uniformed and Smoking Hot Ramagos, Tonya
The RuneQuest Ramsay, Keira
A Candy Man Delivery Story Rane, Graylin
Bloodborn Ranson, Tracy L.
The Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld Rashaan, Shakir
Kink, P.I. Rashaan, Shakir
South Hampton Rashaan, Shakir
Sultry & Sensual Rashaan, Shakir
Beholden To Balance Raven, Cilla
The Fae Bounties Raven, Cilla
Raging Heathens MC Raven, Cilla
Related Books Rawls, Natasha
The Pride of Savage Valley, Colorado Ray, Helena
Her Canadian Dream Raymond, May
South Coast Tales Raymond, May
Four Horsemen MC Rayne, Cynthia
Chez Luxxe Rayne, Miste
The Cranstons Rayne, Morgan
Spring Towers Rayne, Morgan
Fixer Raynes, Alyson
Wanted: Vampire Rayns, Lisa
Bayside Tigers Real, Rachel
Blackwood Stallions Real, Rachel
California Bears Real, Rachel
Navy Seal Alphas Real, Rachel
Ananboris Clan Rebel, Dakota
Baine Family Rebel, Dakota
Covert Billionaires Rebel, Dakota
Malloy Brothers Rebel, Dakota
Touch of Gray Rebel, Dakota
Vegas Bound Rebel, Dakota
Slayer Reckler, Shannon
Inked & Kinked Redford, Jodi
Kinky Chronicles Redford, Jodi
Red Hot Valentine Redford, Jodi
That Old Black Magic Redford, Jodi
Thieves of Aurion Redford, Jodi
Wicked Shores Redford, Jodi
Innocence Corrupted Redreich, Viktor
At Your Service Reed, Erika
Eternity Reed, Erika
Last Chance Tavern Reed, Erika
The Men of Inferno Reed, Erika
Moore Men Reed, Erika
Sons of Sinners Reed, Erika
Texas Outlaws Reed, Erika
New York Reese, Lainey
Blood Moon Legacy Regale, Rhea
Casanova Cowboys Regale, Rhea
The Werebear Shifters Reid, Aurora
Lush Valley, TN Reigns, Robyn
Sanctuary Warriors Reigns, Robyn
Blood Mafia Chronicles Reilly, Cora
The Camorra Chronicles Reilly, Cora
Sins of the Fathers Reilly, Cora
Disciplined with Love Renard, Loki
The Lesbia Chronicles Renard, Loki
Military Discipline Renard, Loki
Rigel Renard, Loki
Serpent Renard, Loki
Reaped Rene, C.A.; Bond, R.E.
Assisstant's Position Renquist, Zenobia
Caveat Emptor Renquist, Zenobia
Daily Grind Renquist, Zenobia
Guardian's Tales Renquist, Zenobia
The Pentagon Group Rey, Rosemary
I Saw You Reyes, Elena M.
Marked Reyes, Elena M.
Sweet, Safe, & Sexy AF Reyes, Elena M.
Teasing Hands Reyes, Elena M.
Alien Passions Reynolds, E.A.
Can't Fight This Feeling Reynolds, E.A.
Chocolate Reynolds, E.A.
Demons in Love Reynolds, E.A.
Elemental Seduction Reynolds, E.A.
Interracial Heat Reynolds, E.A.
Nightshade Reynolds, E.A.
Peyton City Reynolds, E.A.
Psychic Docs Reynolds, E.A.
True Psy Reynolds, E.A.
Warriors of Aristaeus Reynolds, E.A.
Wildcat County Reynolds, E.A.
Vehicle City Vampires Rhoads, Roxanne
Vampires & Mages & Weres Rhodes, Devon
Vampires of Vadin Rhodes, Shelby
Alphas of Beartooth Mountain Rhone, Scarlett
Alphas of Black Fortune Rhone, Scarlett
Witches of Whitewood Rhys, Camryn
For Love of Dragons Ricci, Caitlin
Mountain Shifters Ricci, Caitlin
Nichols Sisters Ricci, Caitlin
Pine Hollow Wolves Ricci, Caitlin
Song of the Sea Ricci, Caitlin
Necklace Rice, Linda S.
Unveiled Seduction Richards, Anya
Billionaire Domination Richards, Lynn
Claiming Their Mate Richards, Lynn
Men in Control Richards, Lynn
The Countess Trilogy Richardson, Alison
Beautiful Chaos Trilogy Richmonde, Arianne
The Glass Trilogy Richmonde, Arianne
Pearl Richmonde, Arianne
Runaways Rinehart, Rosemarie
The Love Study Ripper, Kris
Alien Sex Ed Ritch, Allie
Children of Nanook Ritch, Allie
Vampire Territory Ritch, Allie
Grizzly Riders MC Rivers, Christy
The Moon and the Mare Rivers, Christy
Shifter's Ranch Rivers, Christy
Yellowstone Mates Rivers, Christy
Pentacle Rivers, Eden
The Dark Duet Roberts, Cj
Club El Diablo Roberts, Holly S.
Completion Roberts, Holly S.
Detective Eve Bennet Roberts, Holly S.
Devil's Playground Roberts, Holly S.
Fang Chronicles Roberts, Holly S.
A Genetically Modified Novel Roberts, Holly S.
A Hotter Than Hell Novel Roberts, Holly S.
Mafia Academy Roberts, Holly S.
DEVIANT Roberts, Jaimie
Her Guardians Roberts, Jaimie
Hart Roberts, L.M.
Midnight Passion Trilogy Roberts, L.M.
Shattered Hearts Trilogy Roberts, L.M.
Toxic Love Roberts, L.M.
Wicked Love Roberts, L.M.
Shadowpeak Wolves Roberts, Lorna Jean
Chord Brothers Roberts, M.J.
Rise of the Elementals Roberts, M.J.
Chronicles of the Malcolm Roberts, Teresa Noelle
Cougars, Cars and Kink Roberts, Teresa Noelle
Duals and Donovans: The Different Roberts, Teresa Noelle
The Forbidden Side of Nightshade Robertson, A.D.
Dark Princes of Purgatory Robertson, C.R.
The Gaian Otherworld Robertson, C.R.
The Otherworld Chronicles Robertson, C.R.
Hers Robertson, Dawn
After Sundown Robins, Eden (1)
The Drace Brothers Rochelle, Marie
Hunks Rochelle, Marie
Carnal Coeds Rock, Suzanne
Ecstasy Spa Rock, Suzanne
Hot Heroes In Blue Rock, Suzanne
Immortal Hungers Rock, Suzanne
Kyron Pack Rock, Suzanne
Playboys of Boston Rock, Suzanne
Warlock Mating Chronicles Rock, Suzanne
Say Something Rodgers, Salice
Mortals & Myths Rogers, Corinna
A Curvy Mate for the Holidays Rogue, McKenzie
Chateau Nights Rollins, Camiel
Convicted Billionaire Rollins, Camiel
Wild Night Dreaming Rollins, Camiel
The Bitch Rollins, Stephanie
North Carolina Rollins, Stephanie
Indecency Suites Roscoff, Anabella
Long Fall of Night Rose, A.J.
Power Exchange Rose, A.J.
Reaping Havoc Rose, A.J.
The Shifters of Alligator Bend Rose, Charlotte
Dance For Me Rose, Darcy
Sacred Hill Rejects Rose, Darcy
Vow of Revenge Rose, Darcy
The Billionaire's Contract Rose, Emma
The Billionaire's Proposal Rose, Emma
Captured by the Billionaire Rose, Emma
Chosen by the Billionaire Rose, Emma
Desired by the Alphas Rose, Emma
His Hidden Desire Rose, Emma
Riptide Rose, Emma
SEALED Shifter Rose, Emma
SEALs Crossfire Rose, Emma
Taken in the Dark Rose, Emma
The Vampire's Embrace Rose, Emma
Appledale Rose, Lee
Bear Creek, Texas Rose, Lee
Brook Hollow Rose, Lee
Red Hook Rose, Lee
Walsh Security Inc. Rose, Lee
Willow Springs Rose, Lee
Bad Boy Alphas Rose, Renee; Savino, Lee
Shifter Fight Club Rose, Renee; Savino, Lee
Shifter Ops Rose, Renee; Savino, Lee
Alpha Mountain Rose, Renee; Vale, Vanessa
Two Marks Rose, Renee; Vale, Vanessa
Wolf Ranch Rose, Renee; Vale, Vanessa
Zandian Brides Rose, Renee; West, Rebel
Adoring Angels Rose, Sable
Unhinged Rose, Sable
Thornton Brothers Rose, Sabre
Broken Flowers Rose, Scarlett J.
Maelstrom MC Rose, Scarlett J.
Redemption of the Fallen Rose, Scarlett J.
The Trenin Alliance Rose, Scarlett J.
The Alpha Legend Rose, Tara
The Doms of Sybaris Cove Rose, Tara
A Grave Passion Rose, Tara
Passion Peak Rose, Tara
Portraits of Submission Rose, Tara
Racy Nights Rose, Tara
Sin Hospital Rose, Tara
Billionaire Brothers Roseton, Jenn
Coldwater Springs Roseton, Jenn
Hot and Sexy Roseton, Jenn
Notorious Nephilim Rosewood, Carolyn
The Klawinken Rosewood, Natalie
Alpha Bites Rosko, Mandy
The Aquaterrestrial Task Force Rosko, Mandy
Bad Boy Billionaire Brothers Rosko, Mandy
Blood Secrets Rosko, Mandy
Dangerous Creatures Rosko, Mandy
Howling for You Rosko, Mandy
Night and Day Rosko, Mandy
Royal Dragons Rosko, Mandy
Shape Up or Shift Out Rosko, Mandy
Things in the Night Rosko, Mandy
You've Got To Be Shifting Me Rosko, Mandy
Alpha Colony Ross, Aubrey
Crimson Carousel Ross, Aubrey
Crimson Dichotomy Ross, Aubrey
Crimson Pleasures Ross, Aubrey
Enemy Embrace Ross, Aubrey
Enslaved Hearts Ross, Aubrey
Intimate Invasion Ross, Aubrey
Lilith's Legacy Ross, Aubrey
Mystic Keepers Ross, Aubrey
Sensual Captivity Ross, Aubrey
Station X Ross, Aubrey
Sworn Protectors Ross, Aubrey
Undercover Embassy Ross, Aubrey
Zylott Wars Ross, Aubrey
Forbidden Fantasy Ross, Cathleen
Improper Ross, Juliana
The Baron and the Peasant Bride Ross, Sandra
Beautiful Magick Ross, Sandra
Come With Me Ross, Sandra
Dangerously Moving On Ross, Sandra
Foolish Pride Ross, Sandra
A Halloween Awakening Ross, Sandra
Hostile Hearts Ross, Sandra
In the Blood Ross, Sandra
Love Spell Ross, Sandra
Magic's Tryst Ross, Sandra
Of Love and Fairy Tales Ross, Sandra
Witching Call Ross, Sandra
Four-Sided Pentacle Rossetti, Denise
Phoenix Rising Rossetti, Denise
Sexy Mr. Darcy Rossi, Scarlett
Pleasure Cruise Roth, Mandy M.; Pillow, Michelle M.
Private Relations Roth, Michelle
Second Chances Roth, Michelle
Overnight Rotham, Robin L.
The Billionaire's Lover Rousseau, Bethany
Bound To The Emperor Rousseau, Bethany
Half-Blooded Rousseau, Bethany
Heir For the Billionaire Rousseau, Bethany
Under Lock And Key Rousseau, Bethany
Sidewinder Roux, Abigail
Barbarians of Malka Roux, Justus
Master Roux, Justus
An Articles of War Novel Rowan, Lee
The Royal Navy Rowan, Lee
Spies, Lies, & Rides Rowley, Deanna L.
Corporate Games Ruin, Olivia
Lesbian Doctor Ruin, Olivia
Winged Enemy MC Ruin, Olivia
Legends of Braeyork Rush, Morgan
Kindred Chronicles Rushdan, Isis
The Portal Keepers Ruttan, A.C.
Dragon's Woman Ryan-Davis, Emily
Universal Defiance Ryan, Chandra
Cartescu Vampires Ryan, Debora
Baker's Bunch Ryan, Lily
Black Stallion Ryan, Maggie
Hunter's Ridge Ryan, Maggie
New Atlantia Ryan, Sylvia
Hot Off The Ranch Ryder, Luxie
Love: The Cowboy Way Ryder, Luxie
Midnight Cowboys Ryder, Luxie
Compass Brothers Rylon, Jayne; Carr, Mari
Compass Girls Rylon, Jayne; Carr, Mari