Series     Author
Savage Trilogy Gabriel, Mia
Aberrant Magic Gala, Lyn
Claimings Gala, Lyn
Desert World Gala, Lyn
Turbulence Gala, Lyn
Haven Security Gallagher, Donna
League of Love Gallagher, Donna
My Billionaire Master Gardner, Delilah
Ransomed Desires Gardner, Delilah
Runaway Cowgirl Gardner, Delilah
Exception to the Rule Gardner, Kimberly
Playing For Keeps Gardner, Kimberly
Divine Temptation Garie, Sabrina
Let Go Garner, Jasmine
Private Affairs Garner, Jasmine
Whirlwind Garner, Jasmine
Dragon Riders Garth, Freya
Circle Of Friends Garza, Gabrina
River of Time Garza, Gabrina
Bound Hearts Garza, S.N.
Love & Law Garza, S.N.
Men of Beaumont Place Garza, S.N.
Nauti Billionaires of Houston Garza, S.N.
Second Chances Garza, S.N.
Southern Ink Garza, S.N.
Irish Heart Gauvin, Juliet
Middle Hill Geiger, Barbara
Breaking the Declan Brothers Gendron, Kelly
Daring the Kane Brothers Gendron, Kelly
TroubleMaker Gendron, Kelly
Bloodstalker George, Mary Lou
New Crescent George, Mary Lou
Ain't Nobody Gerrard, Tracey
The Wild Lords Gillan, Rebecca L.
Heart & Soul Gillespie-Trout, Brooke
Forbidden Realm Gilley, Serena
Hot House Gilmore, Sheri
Dreamcatcher Ginsberg, Ellen
United Mates of Morgana Ginsberg, Ellen
Phantom Lovers Glass, Debra
Kings of Korruption Glenn, Geri
Naughty Night-Reading Glenn, Godiva
Night Wolves Glenn, Godiva
Otherworld Agents: Federal Paranormal Unit Glenn, Godiva
Otherworld Shifters Glenn, Godiva
King's Command Glenn, Stormy; Black, Olivia
Delta Wolf Glenn, Stormy; Flynn, Joyee
Elite Force Glenn, Stormy; Hagen, Lynn
King's Command Glenn, Stormy; Hagen, Lynn
Lady Blue Crew Glenn, Stormy; Hagen, Lynn
Phanta City Glenn, Stormy; Hagen, Lynn
Phoenix Rising Glenn, Stormy; Hagen, Lynn
Battle Bunnies Glenn, Stormy; Summer, Bellann
The Mystic Museum Glin, Loc
The Hidalgo Brothers Godoy, Ariana
Brothers of the Night Godwin, Audrey
B*E*A*S*T* Goings, Rebecca
Desert Princes of Jikkar Goings, Rebecca
Legends of Mynos Goings, Rebecca
Dangerous Spirits Gold, Kyell
Dev and Lee Gold, Kyell
Dar & Kerry Good, Melissa
Riding Hood Tales Gooden, Nina S.
Love Beyond Time Goodwin, Barbara
A Kate Bart Mystery Goodwin, Rosemary
Cascade Bay Gordon, Solara
Pacific Cay Gordon, Solara
Dark Possession Gosling, E.A.
Wild Possession Gosling, E.A.
Stolen Innocence Goulding, Felisha
Armageddon Mates Gower, Hazel
The Bears Gower, Hazel
Caveman Instinct Gower, Hazel
Gypsy Curse Gower, Hazel
MacLeod Clan Gower, Hazel
Merpeople Gower, Hazel
Mount View Treaty Gower, Hazel
Peacekeepers Gower, Hazel
Scandals Gower, Hazel
Sin City Shifters Gower, Hazel
Bayside Omegas Grace, Aria
Men of the Vault Grace, Aria
Mile High Romance Grace, Aria
More Than Friends Grace, Aria
Omega For Hire Grace, Aria
Omega House Grace, Aria
One Night Reads: Sexy Gigs Grace, Aria
A Real Answers Investigations Mystery Grace, Aria
Lakeland Heatwave Grace, K.D.
The Bitch with Bite Grace, Sayde
Moonlight Cravings Grace, Sayde
McCoy's Boys Grace, Shady
Rayne Falls Ranch Grace, Sinful
Epicurean Grace, Sorcha
Eternity Trilogy Graham, Casper
Quintessence Trilogy Graham, Casper
Scripts & Lyrics Trilogy Graham, Casper
The Triplet Mermen Trilogy Graham, Casper
Wylde Shore Graham, Jan
Hedon Falls Graham, Michelle
Losing it Graham, Michelle
Gifts of Desire Graham, Suzanne
Shades of Sin Graham, Terry
Tartan Threads Graham, Terry
Bannon's Gym Grant, Cat
Courtland Chronicles Grant, Cat
Courtlands - The Next Generation Grant, Cat
Guarded Grant, Cat
Icon Men Grant, Cat
Irresistible Attraction Grant, Cat
Power Play Grant, Cat; Haimowitz, Rachel
Reel to Real Grant, Lillian
Reigning Men Grant, Lillian
Beyond Surrender Grant, Nicky F.
In the Spirit of Research Gray, Beth
Modern Cougar Gray, Beth
Taking Care Gray, Dani
Femme Metal Gray, Nathalie
Gentlemen, Inc. Gray, Nathalie
Lycan Warriors Gray, Nathalie
Hardworking Men Gray, Ramona
Other World Gray, Ramona
Sexy Scientists Gray, Ramona
Shadow Security Gray, Ramona
Undeniable Gray, Ramona
The Lady from L.U.S.T. Gray, Rod
A Hollyoak Sisters Novel Grech, Ann
One Night Stands Grech, Ann
Unexpected Grech, Ann
Celtic Fire Green, Bronwyn
Dark Destinies Green, Bronwyn
Witch Way Green, Bronwyn
Men of Montana Green, Eileen
The Tiger's Lair Green, Eileen
The Tundra Protectors Green, Eileen
Roped Green, Niki
Journey Green, Patricia
Romantek Green, Patricia
Sonata's Moon Green, Patricia
Laverstone Chronicles Green, Rachel
Out of the Ashes Green, Taylor
Taking Chances Green, Taylor
Palette for Love Greene, Charlotte
Mythological Messes Redux Greene, Tilly
Ace's MC Greening, Roxanne
Blazing Devils MC Greening, Roxanne
Carter Mafia Family Greening, Roxanne
Grimm Brothers MC Greening, Roxanne
Mafia Generations Greening, Roxanne
Sons of the Apocalypse MC Greening, Roxanne
The Valisk Family Greening, Roxanne
The Valous Pack Greening, Roxanne
Djinn Brotherhood Gregory, Nichelle
Erotic Enchantments Gregory, Nichelle
Erotica Enchantments Gregory, Nichelle
The Black Paw Pack Grey, Ella
A Difficult Decision Grey, Ella
Just Breathe Grey, Kendall
Just Breathe Ephemera Grey, Kendall
The Bellum Sisters Grey, T.A.
Bodyguards for Hire Grey, T.A.
Claiming Grey, T.A.
The Kategan Alphas Grey, T.A.
The MacKellen Alphas Grey, T.A.
The Untouchables Grey, T.A.
Club Apocalypse Greywood, Raisa
Holiday Daddy Doms Greywood, Raisa
Wicked Magic Greywood, Raisa
Flavors of Love Griffin, Casey S.
In the Kitchen Griffin, Eileen; Michaels, Nikka
Bondage & Breakfast Griffin, Jodie
Men Griffin, Max
Shadowlands of Desire Griffin, Max
On Wings Saga Grimm, M.D.
Saga of the Bold People Grimm, M.D.
The Shifters Grimm, M.D.
Sisters of Song Grimm, M.D.
The Stones of Power Grimm, M.D.
A Warrior's Redemption Grimm, M.D.
Crusaders MC Grubb, L.
Destroyed Grubb, L.
Escortesses Grubb, L.
Hollywood Royalty Grubb, L.
MMA Bad Boys Grubb, L.
Whipped Dreams Guevara, Laura; Azod, Shara
Celia Flynn Guillone, Sedonia
Heart of a Vampire Guillone, Sedonia
Men of Tokyo Guillone, Sedonia
Samurai Guillone, Sedonia
Tao of Love Guillone, Sedonia
White Tigers Guillone, Sedonia
Party on the Prairie Gunn, Redrae
Crescent Falls Guy, Carol A.