Series     Author
Faith Savage M'Lady, K.A.
Realm M'Lady, K.A.
Vranthian Vampires M'Lady, K.A.
Lucky Jeff Ranch Mactire, Jake
The Xephon Alliance Maddison, Karly
Knight Fall Maddix, Marina
Laid Bear Maddix, Marina
The Adamos Madison, Mia
Foxworth Stud Ranch Madison, Mia
Love at First Sight Madison, Mia
Heartbreak Anonymous Madison, Robie
Enchanted Madore, Nancy
An Erotic Bedtime Story Madore, Nancy
Legacy of the Watchers Madore, Nancy
Now and Forever Maggy, Tammy Dennings
Heart of the Highlands Mahoney, Gabriella
Island Temptress Mahoney, Gabriella
MacAllan Clan Mahoney, Gabriella
Spinster Mahoney, Gabriella
Alexander & Maya Maise, Ella
Boston Avant-Garde Maitland, Kaitlin
Clan McKinloch Maitland, Kaitlin
Cancun Trilogy Malick, Lena
Eminence Shifters Malkin, Ashley
The Heavenly Host Malkin, Ashley
Pine Falls Malkin, Ashley
Redmere Wolves Malkin, Ashley
Baker City: Hearts & Haunts Malone, Josie
Liberty Valley Malone, Josie
The Brothers Malone, Mia
Cascadia Malone, Mia
Thor Malone, Mia
Waterfront Malone, Mia
A Stud Draqual Mystery Maltese, William
Incubus Rising Mancini, Jennifer
Amusing Amanda Manly, D.J.
Eternal Souls Manly, D.J.
Gladiators Manly, D.J.
The Severing Manly, D.J.
Lusting Wild Mann, Marilu
The Academy Mansfield, Maxine
The Shape of a Man Mansfield, Wayne
Alpha Heroes Mar, Anna del
At the Brink Mar, Anna del
Wounded Warrior Mar, Anna del
Club Lava Mar, Chalee
The Fallen Angels Trilogy Marcel, Zoey
The McAlisters of McKenna Downs Marcel, Zoey
Men of McKenna Downs Marcel, Zoey
Midnight Fetish Marcel, Zoey
Temptation, Wyoming Marcel, Zoey
Winchester, Arizona Marcel, Zoey
Bound March, Ava
Brook Street March, Ava
Convincing March, Ava
Gambling on Love March, Ava
The Depths and the Shallows Marcus, A.J.
Dragon Elite Marcus, A.J.
Elemental Passions Marcus, A.J.
A Mountain Spirit Mystery Marcus, A.J.
Ren Faire Romances Marcus, A.J.
The Club Risqué Chronicles Marie, Kay
Confessions Marie, Kay
To Catch A Thief Marie, Kay
Cop's Daughter Marie, Laura
Miss Marie, Laura
Keystrokes Marie, Lisa
Terminal Marie, Lisa
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marks, Rena
Blue Barbarian Marks, Rena
Extinguisher Marks, Rena
Genetically Altered Humans Marks, Rena
Purple People Marks, Rena
Stargazer Marks, Rena
SuperNatural Sharing Marks, Rena
Wanton Sins Marks, Rena
Wolf Howl Marks, Rena
Alaskan Romance Marlow, Shaye
Dreamer Awakened Marlow, Shaye
Erotic Adventures of an Alien Captive Marlow, Shaye
Firefighters Marlow, Shaye
Creme du Jour Marlow, Trinity
Naughty Encounters: Working Stiffs Marlow, Trinity
Unconventional Arrangements Marlow, Trinity
Catching a Phoenix Marlowe, Sage
Ink, Sweat, and Tears Marlowe, Sage
Nightmares Marlowe, Sage
Romeo & Julian Marlowe, Sage
The Cohort Trilogy Marquette, April Alisa
Siren Warrior Marquis, Michelle; Bayer, Lindsey
Broken Souls Marsh, Sarah
Coalition Mates Marsh, Sarah
Executive Decisions Marshall, Grace
Guitar Face Marshall, Sasha
Empire Marsters, Cat
Angels Warriors MC Martens, Dawn
Being Yours Martens, Dawn
Resisting Love Martens, Dawn
The Dragon's Virgin Tribute Martin, Madelene
Insomniacs Martin, S.R.
Before the Great War Martin, Sophie
The Bigwell Chronicles Martin, Sophie
Reality Martin, Sophie
Stories, Tales, and Legends: Retold Martin, Sophie
The Pack Martin, Teya
Anna Doubles Down Martine, Missy
Galactic Nuptials Martine, Missy
Table for Three Martine, Missy
The Wind River Pack Martine, Missy
A Wolfen Heritage Martine, Missy
Blossom in Winter Martins, Melanie
Van Den Bosch Martins, Melanie
Alexis and Reid Marx, Locklyn
Daybreak 2525 Mason, Jude
Blackwood Brothers Mason, Marie
The Holiday Ball Mason, Marie
The Good Doctor Mason, Renea
Symphony of Light Mason, Renea
The Montgomery Family Chronicles Massa, J.J.
Across the Stars Masters, India
The Selkie Prince Masters, J.J.
Bluegrass Spirits Masters, Kallypso
Raging Fire Masters, Kallypso
Rescue Me Masters, Kallypso
Rescue Me Saga Extras Masters, Kallypso
Darkest Star Saga Masters, Zenina
Enchanted Crossroads Masters, Zenina
Four Ever More Masters, Zenina
Nakedella Masters, Zenina
Shifting Crossroads Masters, Zenina
Crushing Flowers Mathews, Robert
Micromance Mathews, Robert
Mindys Vacation Mathews, Robert
Bitterroot Matilde, Sibylla
The Kellys of Key West Matthews, A.J.
Mr. Grey Matthews, A.J.
Look After You Matthews, Elena
Bar Next Door Matthews, Lissa
Masked Matthews, Lissa
Allure, Wyoming Maxwell, Madison
The Doms of Club Mystique Maxwell, Mardi
The Zarronians Maxwell, Mardi
Tell Me What You Want Maxwell, Megan
Astral Awakenings May, Jenna
A Brandt and Donnelly Caper Mayne, Xavier
The Cassidy Wives McAvoy, Bridy
Fantasies Incorporated McAvoy, Bridy
The Hoofers McAvoy, Bridy
Housemates McAvoy, Bridy
The Studio McAvoy, Bridy
Black Planet Mcbride, Belinda
Imperative Mcbride, Belinda
Albin Academy McCade, Cole
A Crow City Novel McCade, Cole
Bad Medicine McCall, B.J.
Cosmic Cops McCall, B.J.
Dragonfire McCall, B.J.
Moonlust McCall, B.J.
Whte Hot Christmas McCall, B.J.
Moon and Magic McClive, Kayelle
Keepers of the Gods McCoy, Nikki
Of Blood and Spirit McCoy, Nikki
Devil's Henchmen MC McCoy, Samantha
Fascination McCoy, Sky
Forever McCoy, Sky
Inked McCoy, Sky
Leather and Chrome McCoy, Sky
Redeem Me McCoy, Sky
Summer Heat McCoy, Sky
Surrender McCoy, Sky
Paintbrush McDonald, Denise Belinda
Dragon McDonald, J.B.
Spellbound For Love McEntire, D.
The Watchers McEntire, D.
Lord & Lady Baugham McEwen, Gail; Moncton, Tina
Coulson McIntyre, Anna J.
Sensual Romance McIntyre, Anna J.
Unlocked Hearts McIntyre, Anna J.
The Matchmaker McKeever, Gracie C.
Sisters of Emsharra McKeever, Gracie C.
Zara's Bois McKeever, Gracie C.
The Deepwater Trilogy McKenna, Claire
Snyder Falls McKenna, Harley
Office Slave McKenna, J.W.
1-800-SEX-GODS McKenzie, Cooper
Club Esoteria McKenzie, Cooper
Club Esoteria: Texas McKenzie, Cooper
Cougarlicious McKenzie, Cooper
Kilt, Kilty, Kilted McKenzie, Cooper
Kinky Saints MC McKenzie, Cooper
Loving, Kansas McKenzie, Cooper
Mates and Ladies McKenzie, Cooper
Men Out of Uniform McKenzie, Cooper
Mystic's All Night Cafe McKenzie, Cooper
Pyrate's Treasure McKenzie, Cooper
Quilted Love McKenzie, Cooper
Red Hot Mafes McKenzie, Cooper
Ryker's Pet McKenzie, Cooper
Their Dream Weaver McKenzie, Cooper
Vamping With Jayne McKenzie, Cooper
Welcome to Sanctuary McKenzie, Cooper
Playing With the Boys McKnight, Ava
Wildfire, Texas McKnight, Ava
Cole Creek McLain, Molly
River Bend McLain, Molly
Vegas Heat McLain, Molly
Velocity McLain, Molly
Friend Zone McLane, C.J.
Illicit Encounters McLane, C.J.
Accidental Mates McLeod, Anitra Lynn
Blood Brothers Pack McLeod, Anitra Lynn
The Fringe McLeod, Anitra Lynn
Kinky Cowboys McLeod, Anitra Lynn
The Onic Empire McLeod, Anitra Lynn
Rough River Coyotes McLeod, Anitra Lynn
Seven Brothers for McBride McLeod, Anitra Lynn
Sold! McLeod, Anitra Lynn
SWAT--Secret Werewolf Assault Team McLeod, Anitra Lynn
Trinity Pines Grizzlies McLeod, Anitra Lynn
Twin Pines Grizzlies McLeod, Anitra Lynn
Unleashed Beast McLeod, Anitra Lynn
The Cornwall Coven McLeod, Kayden
Lords of the Realm McNeely, Rachel
Coming Around Again McTark, Moira
Smoky Mountain Motorcycles McTavish, Grae
Endersley Papers Meade, S.A.
Centurion Meador, Minnette
Starsight Meador, Minnette
Dangerous Liaisons Meadowes, Holly
When the Pack Calls Meadowes, Holly
Arundel Medina, Marie
Dark Moon Medina, Marie
Enchanted Nights Medina, Marie
The Olympians Medina, Marie
Tales of the Highwaymen Medina, Marie
Valladora Tales Medina, Marie
The Veiled Court Medina, Marie
Wolves in the Fae Court Medina, Marie
The Wrong Bed Medina, Marie
Year of Eyes Medina, Marie
Year of Gods Medina, Marie
Year of Hearts Medina, Marie
Year of Moons Medina, Marie
Year of Stars Medina, Marie
Year of Suns Medina, Marie
Bloodlines Meilleur, Toni L.
Cimmerion Meilleur, Toni L.
The Greater Clans Meilleur, Toni L.
Malice Meinel, K'Anne
Vetted Meinel, K'Anne
A Woman Down Under Meinel, K'Anne
Club Thrive Mello, Alison
Learning to Love Mello, Alison
Love Conquers Life Mello, Alison
Once Broken Mello, Alison
Nightfall Wolf Clans Melton, Keith
The Nightfall Syndicate Melton, Keith
Zero Dog Missions Melton, Keith
Bound to Please Mercury, Karen
Going for the Gold Mercury, Karen
Hell's Delight Mercury, Karen
Hell's Delight: Unbridled Mercury, Karen
How The West Was Done Mercury, Karen
Mcqueen Was My Valley Mercury, Karen
The Sunset Palomino Ranch Mercury, Karen
Damned If You Do Merrow, J.L.
Midwinter Manor Merrow, J.L.
The Plumber's Mate Merrow, J.L.
The Shamwell Tales Merrow, J.L.
Southampton Stories Merrow, J.L.
Bright Lights Little Darlings Meyer, Honey
Clover City Littles Meyer, Honey
Beer & Clay Michael, Sean
Between Friends Michael, Sean
Bite Michael, Sean
Box of Nails Michael, Sean
Briar Rose Michael, Sean
Chess Michael, Sean
Club Vampire Michael, Sean
Dragon Soul Michael, Sean
Drawing Straws Michael, Sean
Going for the Gold Michael, Sean
Hammer Club Michael, Sean
Handcuffs and Lace Michael, Sean
Hard Candy Michael, Sean
Immortal Ink Michael, Sean
Iron Eagle Gym Michael, Sean
Jarheads Michael, Sean
Kennel Club Michael, Sean
Losing His Cover Michael, Sean
Mannies Incorporated Michael, Sean
Once You Go Demon Michael, Sean
Rose & Thorne Michael, Sean
Secret Michael, Sean
Shibari Auction House Michael, Sean
Shifter Rescue Michael, Sean
SWAK (Sealed With A Kink) Michael, Sean
The Teddy Bear Club Michael, Sean
Three Wishes Michael, Sean
Underground Michael, Sean
The Velvet Glove Michael, Sean
VG Resurrection Michael, Sean
What's His Passion Michael, Sean
Windbrothers Michael, Sean
Enchanted Love Michaels, Bethany
A Limitless Love Novel Michaels, Bethany
Naughty in Nashville Michaels, Bethany
Sexy College Studs Michaels, Brien
Descendants Of Wolves Michaels, Cadence
Natures Child Michaels, Cadence
Shifters Madness Michaels, Cadence
Dragon Alliance Michaels, D.J.
The Jendari Michaels, D.J.
Calamity Rayne Michaels, Lydia
Jasper Falls Michaels, Lydia
A Mastermind Novel Michaels, Lydia
McCullough Mountain Michaels, Lydia
New Castle Michaels, Lydia
The Order of Vampires Michaels, Lydia
The Order of Vampyres Michaels, Lydia
Surrender Michaels, Lydia
Surrender Games Michaels, Lydia
Degrees of Separation Michaels, Lydia; Young, Allyson
The Billionaire's Temptation Michaels, Marisa
Curvy Girls Michaels, Marisa
Jelena's Journal Michaels, Marisa
Jocks Like It Michaels, Marisa
Priestly Desire Michaels, Marisa
Pine Creek Lake Michaels, Quinn
The Black Dahlia Hotel Michaels, Skye
The Black Iris Club Michaels, Skye
Golden Dolphin Michaels, Skye
The Horsemen Michaels, Skye
Le Club Michaels, Skye
The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Michaels, Skye
Gathering of the Storms Michaels, T.J.
Pryde Ranch Shifters Michaels, T.J.
Twilight Teahouse Michaels, T.J.
The Vampire Council of Ethics Michaels, T.J.
Faith, Love and Devotion Michaels, Tere
Angel of Mine Michaelson, Zane
By Invitation Only Michaelson, Zane
Forbidden Love Michaelson, Zane
Selling My Soul Michaelson, Zane
A Vampyre Romance Michaelson, Zane
Power Chain Michele, Ryan; Camaron, Chelsea
Ruthless Rebels MC Michele, Ryan; Camaron, Chelsea
Corporate Heat Midway, Bridget
Dirty Secrets Millar, Mina
Shifting Magic Miller, Cait
Agent of Mercy Miller, Robin Leigh
Fate Mimi, Screaming
Hades Rejects MC Mimi, Screaming
Curious Ming, Silke
Endless Possibilities Ming, Silke
The Five Widows Ming, Silke
Staking His Claim Ming, Silke
Three Degrees East of Bliss Ming, Silke
Big Boys Mint, Cassie
Long Hot Summer Mint, Cassie
Teacher's Pet Mint, Cassie
Twin Swap Mint, Cassie
Wild Obsession Mint, Cassie
Winter Warmers Mint, Cassie
Answers Mirin, Christelle
Bonding Camp Mirin, Christelle
Alluring Rulers of Azmia Mistry, Mahi
The Unfolding Duet Mistry, Mahi
Bad in Baltimore Mitchell, K.A.
Ethan & Wyatt Mitchell, K.A.
Fragments Mitchell, K.A.
Ready or Knot Mitchell, K.A.
In Clear Sight Mitchell, Kennedy L.
More Than Mitchell, Kennedy L.
Power Play Mitchell, Kennedy L.
SEALs and CIA Mitchell, Kennedy L.
Asphalt Gods MC Mitchell, Morgan Jane
Dark Leopards MC: South Texas Mitchell, Morgan Jane
Royal Bastards MC: Nashville Mitchell, Morgan Jane
Sanguis City Mitchell, Morgan Jane
Table 21 Mitchell, Morgan Jane
Braided Lives Moler, A.R.
Djinn Moler, A.R.
Fae in Cardiff Moler, A.R.
Wishing on the Moon Moler, A.R.
Cyber Ops Moncrief, Skhye
Feral Moncrief, Skhye
Time Guardians Moncrief, Skhye
Werescape Moncrief, Skhye
Solarian Warrior Monet, Rae
Aurora Monroe, Ashlynn
Blood Moon MC Monroe, Ashlynn
Claimed Monroe, Ashlynn
Destined Mates Monroe, Ashlynn
The Don'ts of Zombie Hunting Monroe, Ashlynn
Lords of Time Monroe, Ashlynn
Married to the Aliens Monroe, Ashlynn
Psy-Vamps Monroe, Ashlynn
Raven's Crew Monroe, Ashlynn
Star City Crusaders Monroe, Ashlynn
Broad Street Billionaires Monroe, Marla
The Dirty Dozen Monroe, Marla
The Ghost Riders Monroe, Marla
The Howling Death MC Monroe, Marla
Knights in Black Leather Monroe, Marla
Lost in Space Monroe, Marla
Mates of the Jaguar Monroe, Marla
The Men of Space Station One Monroe, Marla
The Men of Space Station Two Monroe, Marla
Men of the Border Lands Monroe, Marla
Menage Mountain Monroe, Marla
The Protectors Monroe, Marla
Riverbend, Texas Heat Monroe, Marla
Shifting Desires Monroe, Marla
Wolf's Pass Shifters Monroe, Marla
The Wolfen Monroe, Marla
Wounded Warriors Monroe, Marla
The Wranglers of Bear Mountain Monroe, Marla
The Callens Monroe, Melody Snow / Monroe, Melody S.
Fantasy Resort Monroe, Melody Snow / Monroe, Melody S.
Freedom, Colorado Monroe, Melody Snow / Monroe, Melody S.
High-Country Shifters Monroe, Melody Snow / Monroe, Melody S.
Panther Cove Monroe, Melody Snow / Monroe, Melody S.
Pleasure, Montana Monroe, Melody Snow / Monroe, Melody S.
Blood Sworn Montague, Autumn
Wolfen Montague, Madelaine
Haven's Realm Monteau, Tamara
WTF Dragon Montgomery, Dawn
Destined Hearts Duet Montgomery, Evelyn
Memoirs of the Nightwolves Moon, Clarrissa Lee
Battered Hearts Moon, Kele
Eden Moon, Kele
Untamed Hearts Moon, Kele
Sutton Brothers Moore, Elsie
The Double Moore, Gigi
Elk Creek Moore, Gigi
Ultimate Domain Moore, J.L.
Her Royal Romance Moore, Natasha
The Men of Lakeside Moore, Natasha
Paolo's Playhouse Moore, Natasha
Silver Fox Romance Moore, Natasha
Maiden Morgan, Aishling
A Corey Shaw Mystery Morgan, Alex (1)
Tails of The Sea Morgan, Alex (1)
The Royal Redemption Morgan, Darcie
At the Billionaire's Pleasure Morgan, Millie
Desired by the Billionaire Morgan, Millie
Forest of Sin Morgan, Millie
Incessant Passions Morgan, Nicole
Intimate Temptations Morgan, Nicole
The Paladins Morgan, Nicole
Sweet Awakenings Morgan, Nicole
Billionaire Boss Morgan, Sage L.
Skull Kings MC 2 Morgan, Sage L.
Jewels of the Desert Morgan, Teresa
Dragon's Watch Morgen, Shelby
The Northlanders Morgen, Shelby
Sin City Morin, Isabel
Tempt Me Morin, Isabel
A Nerd in the Hand Moss, Tragen
Lustful Lords Mowbray, Sorcha
Market Mowbray, Sorcha
One Night With A Cowboy Mowbray, Sorcha
Alien Encounter Munro, Shelley
Churchill Polar Bears Munro, Shelley
Clare Chronicles Munro, Shelley
Dragon Investigators Munro, Shelley
Dragon Isles Munro, Shelley
Fancy Free Munro, Shelley
Friendship Chronicles Munro, Shelley
House of the Cat Munro, Shelley
Love and Friendship Munro, Shelley
Middlemarch Capture Munro, Shelley
Middlemarch Gathering Munro, Shelley
Middlemarch Mates Munro, Shelley
Middlemarch Shifters Munro, Shelley
Military Men Munro, Shelley
Sports Downunder Munro, Shelley
Talking Dog Munro, Shelley
Triple the Trouble Munro, Shelley
Troubled Mates Munro, Shelley
Hot Desert Heroes Munroe, Jett
Brooklyn Brothers Munton, Melanie
Cruz Brothers Munton, Melanie
Shell Grove Munton, Melanie
Southern Hearts Club Munton, Melanie
Sultry Nights Munton, Melanie
Timid Souls Munton, Melanie
The Sphinx Warriors Murphy, Christine
Bratva Bound Murphy, Fiona
The Castillo Family Murphy, Fiona
Dirty Billionaires Murphy, Fiona
Fake it for Me Murphy, Fiona
Sabatini Family Murphy, Fiona
Vicious Vegas Murphy, Fiona
When Titans Fall Murphy, Fiona
Matched Desire Murray, Clare
Bayou Devils MC Myers, A.M.
BDMC: Second Generation Myers, A.M.
Hidden Scars Myers, A.M.
Dark Elves Mykles, Jet
Heaven Sent Mykles, Jet
Indigo Knights Mykles, Jet
Leashed Mykles, Jet
Reindeer Games Mykles, Jet
Rose Family Chronicles Mykles, Jet
The Bristol Collection Myles, Josephine