Series     Author
Family C, Cardeno
Home C, Cardeno
Mates C, Cardeno
A Day of Pleasure Cade, Cora
Braden Security Cadeau, Dale
Are You Game? Cahill, Rhian
Coyote Hunger Cahill, Rhian
Hearts are Wild Cahill, Rhian
Alateeka Protection Services Cain, Alice
Club Stunhz Cain, Alice
Havenwood Cain, Alice
Kalpattaans Cain, Alice
Lupinville Cain, Alice
Lupinville Quick Bites Cain, Alice
The Sentinels Cain, Alice
Seriously? Cain, Alice
The Confederacy Treaty Cain, Lilly
By the Tail Caldwell, Tatiana
Change of Heart Calmes, Mary
L'Ange Calmes, Mary
Mangrove Stories Calmes, Mary
Marshals Calmes, Mary
A Matter of Time Calmes, Mary
Timing Calmes, Mary
The Vault Calmes, Mary
Warders Calmes, Mary
The Men from Nowhere, North Dakota Calvincourt, Libby
The Fentons Cameron, Alicia
Sisters of Castle Fortune Cameron, Alicia
Big Girls & Bad Boys Cameron, D.H.
Wolf's Trilogy Cameron, D.H.
Brides for the Garrison Brothers Cameron, Paige
Commando Cowboys and Renegade Texans Unite Cameron, Paige
Triple Dare County, South Dakota Cameron, Paige
Wives for the Western Billionaires Cameron, Paige
Wyoming Warriors Cameron, Paige
Western Wolves Campbell, Gwen
Tricky Magic Campbell, L.L.
Mating Ritual Candro, Ria
Wicked Fantasies Candro, Ria
Blind Date Cantore, Emily
Mr. Money Cantore, Emily
My Billionaire Boss Cantore, Emily
Italian Pleasures Cao, Irene
The Pussy Trap Capri, NeNe
Creature Worlds Cardin, Juliet
Eris' Apprentices Cardui, Vanessa
The Order of the Mist Carlisle, Abbie
Lords of Pleasure Carlisle, Jo
Bed Carlisle, Lisa
Chateau Seductions Carlisle, Lisa
Highland Gargoyles Carlisle, Lisa
Morettis Carlisle, Lisa
Salem Supernaturals Carlisle, Lisa
Stone Sentries Carlisle, Lisa
Underground Encounters Carlisle, Lisa
Alpha Defenders Carlisle, Lyzie
Alpha Protectors Carlisle, Lyzie
The Beasts of Barvik Carlo, Jianne
Hades Squad Carlo, Jianne
Mediterranean Mambo Carlo, Jianne
Murphy's Laws of Time Travel Carlo, Jianne
Prymal Carlo, Jianne
Viking Vengeance Carlo, Jianne
Viking Warriors Carlo, Jianne
White Wolf Carlo, Jianne
Witchy Women Carlo, Jianne
Dream Awake Carlson, W.J.
Fallen Angels Carlton, Amber
Trinity Magic Carlton, Amber
Lustful Possession Carlton, H.K.
Delight, Texas Carlysle, Regina
High Plains Shifters Carlysle, Regina
Savage Sanctuary Carlysle, Regina
Riverstone Carmen, Roya
Charm Lesson Carmer, Lynn
The Fervor Chronicles Carmer, Lynn
Gargoyle Legend Carmer, Lynn
Victoria Bay Carmer, Lynn
Bonds of Justice Carmichael, Talia
Encounters Carmichael, Talia
Impressions Carmichael, Talia
Prentiss Carmichael, Talia
The Right Choice Carmichael, Talia
Something in Common Carmichael, Talia
Something in Common, NY Carmichael, Talia
Zenith Carmichael, Talia
Degree After Dark Carnay, Marie
The Arsenal Carnes, Cara
Counterstrike Carnes, Cara
Indigo Shadows Carnes, Cara
Mysk Warriors Carnes, Cara
Pleasure Brigade Carnes, Cara
The Rending Carnes, Cara
Edenwood Carpenter, Adam
European Flings Carpenter, Adam
Passport to a Fling Carpenter, Adam
White Pine Carpenter, Adam
Alpha Male Masters Carpenter, Maggie
Cowboys After Dark Carpenter, Maggie
Elizabeth's Education Carpenter, Maggie
A Promise of Passion Carpenter, Maggie
Warriors After Dark Carpenter, Maggie
Wild West Cowboys Carpenter, Maggie
Lex & Amanda Carr, Carrie
Buckin' Bull Riders Carr, Cassandra
Buffalo Intimidators Carr, Cassandra
Payment Carr, Cassandra
Safe Harbor Carr, Cassandra
Storm Carr, Cassandra
Underground Carr, Cassandra
Crossed Wires Carr, Mari; Couper, Lexxie
Foreign Affairs Carr, Mari; Couper, Lexxie
The Masters' Admiralty Carr, Mari; DuBois, Lila
Trinity Masters Carr, Mari; DuBois, Lila
Trinity Masters: Crossroads Contempt Carr, Mari; DuBois, Lila
Trinity Masters: The Mafia Carr, Mari; DuBois, Lila
Aferrum Brotherhood Carreras, Alex
Aragon Carreras, Alex
Cruising with Destiny Carreras, Alex
Heat Carreras, Alex
McCloud Brothers Carreras, Alex
Wolves of Fenrir Carsen, Sela
The Copperton Files Carson, Camile
Bound For Justice Carson, Tori
Desired Discipline Carson, Tori
Master's Touch Carson, Tori
Love Story Carter, Beth D.
Mcknight, Perth & Daire Carter, Beth D.
The Omega's Alphas Carter, Jayce
Ready or Not Carter, Jayce
M&M Mating Agency Carter, Mina; Kyle, Celia
Brothers in Blue Carter, Simone
The Ashford Legacy Carver, Cassi
Immortal Bounty Carver, Cassi
Shadow Slayer Chronicles Carver, Cassi
On the Ropes Cary, Michelle
Back Down Devil MC Romance Casey, London
The Boys of DownCrash Casey, London
Kinky Kruising Cash, Lyn
The Promise Cash, Lyn
O'Malley Wild Casper, Maggie
Raising Cain Casper, Maggie
To Serve and Protect Casper, Maggie
Dear Diary Cassatta, Allison
Immortals Saga Cassatta, Allison
Destinies Entwined Castille, Jenna
Matched by Magic Castille, Jenna
Hot & Spicy West Castle, Diana
Dangerous Liaisons Castle, Julie
Order of Night Cavanaugh, Virginia
Alien Blood Wars Cayto, Samantha
Alien Slave Masters Cayto, Samantha
Boston's Brave Cayto, Samantha
Debt Slave Cayto, Samantha
Red Cell Security Cayto, Samantha
Treaty Brides Cayto, Samantha
Promises Cease, Gwendolyn
The Arabian Billionaire Chagnon, D.C.
Billionaire Assignment Chagnon, D.C.
Billionaire in Hiding Chagnon, D.C.
Butterfly Candles Chagnon, D.C.
Call Me Casanova Chagnon, D.C.
The Fairytale Ending Chagnon, D.C.
Her Billionaire Muse Chagnon, D.C.
Her Dangerous Billionaire Chagnon, D.C.
Love Is Enduring Chagnon, D.C.
My Billionaire Boss Chagnon, D.C.
The Neighbor Chagnon, D.C.
Off the Treadmill Chagnon, D.C.
One Night Stand with a Billionaire Chagnon, D.C.
The Reclusive Billionaire Chagnon, D.C.
Shroud of Darkness Chagnon, D.C.
Angelic Avengers Chambers, Kaye
Ladies of St. George Chambers, Kaye
The First Time Chance, Bailey
The Project Chance, Bailey
Oath Chance, Marly
Brotherhood Bonds Chandler, Jade
Jericho Brotherhood Motorcycle Club Chandler, Jade
Raven Harbor Chanel, Amy
The Gambler's Inheritance Chantal, Jillian
Sin-Eaters Chantale, Lynn
True Detective Chantale, Lynn
VIBE Chantale, Lynn
Were Watching Charles, Susie
Orion the Hunter Chase, J.D.
Partners Chase, Kira
Charlotte and Byron Chase, Storm
Beasor Chronicles Chase, T.A.
The Four Horsemen Chase, T.A.
Home Chase, T.A.
Love of Sports Chase, T.A.
Rags to Riches Chase, T.A.
Why I Love Chase, T.A.
Apres-Ski Chase, Zara
Clandestine Affairs Chase, Zara
Discretions Chase, Zara
The Hot Millionaires Chase, Zara
Impulse Chase, Zara
Sanctuary Chase, Zara
Paranormal Lovers of St. Louis Chatillon, Celine
Seven for Seduction Chatillon, Celine
Time Surfer Chatillon, Celine
Sons of Olympus Chatterly, C.S.
Uniform Behaviour Chatterly, C.S.
Thorns & Hearts Cherry, Kierstin
Bear and Chaser Chills, Dean / Chills, Athena
Darwin's Dominatrix Chills, Dean / Chills, Athena
Jack and Mitchell Chills, Dean / Chills, Athena
Rick and Owen Breathplay Chills, Dean / Chills, Athena
Santa Claus Chills, Dean / Chills, Athena
Scuba Lessons Chills, Dean / Chills, Athena
Shiftland Tales Chills, Dean / Chills, Athena
Swim Team Chills, Dean / Chills, Athena
Shores of Dora Chilove, C.
Devil's Descent Christian, Claudia D.
Chicago In Love Christine, Ashley
Meadowlarks Christine, Ashley
Celestial Surrender Christopher, Tina
Victoria's Secret Agents Christopher, Tina
Kingdom of Stars Church, Jade
Sun City Church, Jade
Fur, Fangs, and Felines Church, M.A.
Gods Church, M.A.
The Harvest Church, M.A.
The Harvest Young Church, M.A.
Nighttime Wishes Church, M.A.
Love Bites Church, Margie
Blood Fever Cicero, Kyle / Fabbo-Gonnella, L.G.
Mark Julian Vampire P.I. Cicero, Kyle / Fabbo-Gonnella, L.G.
A Max, Brad, and Maisie Mystery Cicero, Kyle / Fabbo-Gonnella, L.G.
The Romance of Nick and Layla Cierlak, Crystal
Colorado Dreaming Claire, Angela
Ladies of Ashcroft Castle Claire, Angela
Mates of Bear Paw River Clark, Everleigh
Claimed Clark, Rachel
Desconian Clark, Rachel
Taydelaan Clark, Rachel
Tee-Ani's Pirates Clark, Rachel
The Ferae Clarke, Peyton Brittany
Inherited Danger Clay, Patricia
Dominican Heat Clay, Stanley Bennett
Jack and Janice Clematis, Maxine
Learning Curves Clematis, Maxine
ATROX Security Cliff, J.C.
The Blyss Trilogy Cliff, J.C.
Undaunted Men Cliff, J.C.
A Troy Murdock and Zane Ward Mystery Clinger, R.W.
Alien Resistance Close, Amanda
Body Shrine Close, Amanda
Fallout Girl Close, Amanda
A Cambridge Fellows Mystery Cochrane, Charlie
A Lindenshaw Mystery Cochrane, Charlie
Horizontal Departure Cockburn, Tabitha
Alexander Shifter Brothers Coffey, Selina
Bad Boy Bosses Coi, J.K.
Immortals Coi, J.K.
Seasons of Invention Coi, J.K.
Real Werewolves Don't Eat Meat Colcroft, Karenna
Lionhearts Coldwell, Elizabeth
Steel City Nights Coldwell, Elizabeth
The Wicked Cole, Copper
Liberty Springs, Wyoming Cole, Kaliana
Couples Play Cole, Starla; Cole, Maxwell
Blood Brothers MC Collard, J.A.
Oleanders Collins, A.J.
Predator Instincts Collins, Anna
Every Collins, L.K.
Life. Destiny. Fate Collins, L.K.
Cedarville Shifters Coming, Ever
The Mommy Porn Chronicles Coming, Ever
Colliding Worlds Conall, Tabitha
Mad Wolf's Harem Conall, Tabitha
Marysburg Wolves Conall, Tabitha
Romantic Fairy Tale Conall, Tabitha
Stonewall Pack Alpha Conall, Tabitha
Deadly Confer, Lorelei
Saddle Creek Confer, Lorelei
Always Boss Conners, Juliana
Bradford Brothers Conners, Juliana
Devilish De Marco Men connor, Eden
Guardians of the Gifted Conrad, Alyson
Facile Restaurant Short Stories Conrad, Jacey; Corona, Gia
From Russia... Conrad, Jacey; Corona, Gia
Flowers of Camelot Cook, Anny
Jericho Angels Cook, Anny
Mystic Valley Cook, Anny
Tuatha Treasures Cook, Anny
Eternally Three Cook, Kris
Love Ink Cook, Kris
Secret Diary Cook, Kris
Texas Wolf Pack Cook, Kris
Scandalous Sirens Cooper-Posey, Tracy; Templeton, J.A.
Full Cooper, Helen (1)
How To Catch A Billionaire Cooper, Helen (1)
The Millionaire's Assistant Cooper, Helen (1)
The Professor's Student Cooper, Helen (1)
Ex Games Cooper, J.S.; Cooper, Helen
Love Trials Cooper, J.S.; Cooper, Helen
Private Club Cooper, J.S.; Cooper, Helen
Ghost Cooper, Meg
Love Across the Universe Cooper, Meg
Santa's Hunky Helpers Cooper, Meg
A Pretty Pill Copp, Criss
Quantinum Residue Saga Cordd, Jackson
Love's Demon Ways Corrales, Mary
Elemental Desire Corrigan, Nancy
Sander's Valley Corrigan, Nancy
Shifter World: Royal-Kagan Corrigan, Nancy
Shifter World: Shifter Affairs Corrigan, Nancy
Wild Hunt Corrigan, Nancy
Goddess of Fate Cothern, Brenda
A Guns & Hoses Novel Cothern, Brenda
I.N.E.T.: International Narcotics Enforcement & Tracking Cothern, Brenda
Mad Dogs Cothern, Brenda
Shadows Cothern, Brenda
Those Who Dare Cothern, Brenda
Undercover Love Cothern, Brenda
The Witch's Brew Cothern, Brenda
Bound Together Coulson, Marie
Greatest Love Cowan, Hannah
Swift Hat-Trick Cowan, Hannah
Dirty White Candy Cox, Anita
Lycan Chronicles Cox, Anita
Guys Cox, Darien
The Village Cox, Darien
Burning Up Inside Cox, Paula
Cardoza Crime Family Cox, Paula
Choke Me Out Cox, Paula
D'Orazio Family Mafia Cox, Paula
Devil's Crucifix MC Cox, Paula
Gravediggers MC Cox, Paula
The Killer's Claim Trilogy Cox, Paula
O'Donnell Crime Family Cox, Paula
Russo Family Mafia Cox, Paula
Satan's Martyrs MC Cox, Paula
Sons of Chaos MC Cox, Paula
The Valves MC Cox, Paula
War Dogs MC Cox, Paula
War Riders MC Cox, Paula
Heart Craig, Dede
Interplanetary League Craven, Liz
Blackstone Haven Crenshaw, Taige
Olympus Unleashed Crenshaw, Taige
Phoenix Intelligence Agency Crenshaw, Taige
Rarities Incorporated Crenshaw, Taige
The Singleton Crenshaw, Taige
Wilde Crenshaw, Taige
Breeding Season Crescent, Sam; Espino, Stacey
Killer of Kings Crescent, Sam; Espino, Stacey
Mated for Life Crescent, Sam; Espino, Stacey
Straight to Hell MC Crescent, Sam; Espino, Stacey
Assassin's Revenge Crescent, Tara
Oxford Blue Croft, Pippa
Warriors Cron, Rachel
All Cross, Cassie
The Billionaire's Desire Cross, Cassie
Dirty Little Cross, Cassie
Love Is ... Cross, Cassie
One Night with a Billionaire Cross, Cassie
The Alpha Group Cross, Maya
Cage Sessions Cross, Skylar
Capitol Submission Cross, Skylar
Controlled by His Voice Cross, Skylar
Mastered by His Touch Cross, Skylar
Stark Affair Cross, Skylar
The Billionaire's Courtship Cross, W.H.
Foundations of Magic Crow, Anah; Fox, Dianne
Running Under Caution Crow, Anah; Fox, Dianne
Southern Dancer Crow, Casey
The Black Jack Gentlemen Crowe, Liz
Brewing Passion Crowe, Liz
Detroit Sports Network Crowe, Liz
The Love Brothers Crowe, Liz
Stewart Realty Crowe, Liz
Twisted Time Crowfoot, Jennifer
The Devil's Playground Cruise, Samantha
Calthraca Culter, Camryn
Bachelor Billionaire Cummin, Sharon
Bachelor Billionaire Kids Cummin, Sharon
Billionaire Romance Cummin, Sharon
Erotic Romance Cummin, Sharon
The Game of Love Cummin, Sharon
His Assistant Serials Cummin, Sharon
Hunter PI & Security Cummin, Sharon
Vampire's Pet Cumming, V.R.
Aisling Cummings, Carole
Wolf's-Own Cummings, Carole
Warriors of Sangrin Cummings, Nancey
Belonging Cunningham, Pat
Immortal Lovers Curington, Lanette
Shifting Tides Curtis, Cassandra
Bite & Release Cyr, Cory