Series     Author
Sherman Family Eastwick, Dominique
Shifters of Yellowstone Eastwick, Dominique
Zodiac Sanctuary Eastwick, Dominique
Open Legs Ebony
Knight Passion Edmond, Wanda
Stepbrother Soldier Badass Edmond, Wanda
Deadly Duo Edwards, Bonnie
Charlie Heggensford Edwards, Hank
Immortal Pleasures Edwards, Ryssa
Bound by Fairytales Edwards, Willa
Midnight Mirage Edwards, Willa
Serving Madame Edwards, Willa
Snowedin Fantasies Edwards, Willa
To Handcuff a Thief Edwards, Willa
The Kate and Robert Chronicles Eglington, Suzanne
Julian's Private Scrapbook Eldot
Guardians' League Elias, Amelia
Dirty Sons of Santa Eliasen, Astrid Elizabeth, Peyton
Nature's Nobles Elizabeth, Peyton
Safeword LLC Elizabeth, Peyton
Astrogator Ellas, A.C.
The Dark Servant Ellas, A.C.
Hybrid Ellas, A.C.
Rovani Chronicles Ellas, A.C.
Son of the Wind Ellas, A.C.
Kingmen Elle, D.M.
2X The Pleasure Elliot, Nicole
Baby Makes Three Elliot, Nicole
Savage Soldiers Elliot, Nicole
Wilder Brothers Elliot, Nicole
Soul Trilogy Elliott, Leanore
When You're Gone Elliott, Taryn
Adults Only Ellis, Anna
Husbands and Wives Ellis, Anna
One Ellis, Anna
Anything But... Ellis, Madelynne
The Bad Boys of Brit Pop Ellis, Madelynne
Black Halo Ellis, Madelynne
Blood Moon Ellis, Madelynne
Broken Angels Ellis, Madelynne
Off the Record Ellis, Madelynne
Rock Hard Ellis, Madelynne
Romps & Rakehells Ellis, Madelynne
Scandalous Seductions Ellis, Madelynne
Stirred Passions Ellis, Madelynne
The V V Inn Ellisson, C.J.
Walk on the Wild Side Ellisson, C.J.
Walk on the Wild Side: Best Friends Ellisson, C.J.
Dareville Ellwood, Leigh
Home to Dareville Ellwood, Leigh
Love is Bliss Ellwood, Leigh
The Men of Sylvester Street Ellwood, Leigh
Share Ellwood, Leigh
Sweet Sierra Ellwood, Leigh
The Fair and Fey Ellyne, J.
Food of Love Elyot, Justine
Master Darcy English, Sara
Puppy Love Erno, Jeff
Blood Bond Espino, Stacey
Feral Instincts Espino, Stacey
Heels and Spurs Espino, Stacey
Immortal Love Espino, Stacey
Iron Spur Ranch Espino, Stacey
Love Bites Espino, Stacey
Pack Destiny Espino, Stacey
Ride 'em Hard Espino, Stacey
Saving Grace Espino, Stacey
Uniform Fetish Espino, Stacey
Wolves of Climax Espino, Stacey
The Appearances Trilogy Etienne
A Demon Bound Novel Evans, Anna J.
Perfectly Wicked Evans, Anna J.
Clay Hearts Evans, Annie
Arcanium Evans, Aurelia T.
Bloodbound Evans, Aurelia T.
Nocturnal Creatures Evans, Aurelia T.
Sanctuary Evans, Aurelia T.
Red Light Fantasies Evans, Brandi
Alpha City Evans, Bryce
The Ashland Pack Evans, Bryce
Dixon Pack Evans, Bryce
The Love of a Shifter Evans, Bryce
Royal Guard Evans, Bryce
Along Came Fate Evans, Gabrielle
Enchanted Evans, Gabrielle
Fatefully Yours Evans, Gabrielle
Gods of Chaos Evans, Gabrielle
Guide to Armageddon Evans, Gabrielle
Haven Evans, Gabrielle
Howl at the Moon Evans, Gabrielle
Lawful Disorder Evans, Gabrielle
The Moonlight Breed Evans, Gabrielle
Salem Nights Evans, Gabrielle
Sexually Awkward Evans, Gabrielle
Wicked River Evans, Gabrielle
Dominion Trust Evans, Trent
Valley of Surrender Evans, Trent
Soldiers of Passion Everan, Dace
Elizabeth, Overwhelmed Everley, Alice
Elizabeth's Choice Everley, Alice
Saving Longbourn Everley, Alice
A Scandal at Hunsford Everley, Alice
Dominatrix Fantasy Evers, Shoshanna
The Enslaved Trilogy Evers, Shoshanna
The Pulse Trilogy Evers, Shoshanna