Series     Author
Sand and Spurs L'Rae, Carmie
Angel's Pass Wolves La Porta, Monica
The Fifth Moon's Tales La Porta, Monica
The Ginecean Chronicles La Porta, Monica
The Immortals La Porta, Monica
Lords and Ladies of London La Porta, Monica
Worlds Apart La Porta, Monica
The Triquetra Labbe, Marguerite
Leather and Pleasure Labelle, Jennifer
Spice It Up Labelle, Jennifer
Women of Digby Labelle, Jennifer
The Taming Trilogy LaCroix, Alyx C.
Descendants of Darkness LaCroix, Marianne
Thieves & Lovers Ladley, Titania
As Mr. Darcy Commands Lady, A.
Mr. Darcy's Dark Desires Lady, A.
Mr. Darcy's Lessons Lady, A.
The Vampire Relationship Guide LaFont, Evelyn
Half-Demon Mates Lain, Sydney
Space Warriors Lain, Sydney
Supernatural Society Mates Lain, Sydney
Vampire Clans Lain, Sydney
The Aloysius Tales Lain, Tara
Balls to the Wall Lain, Tara
Cowboys Don't Lain, Tara
Dangerous Dancers Lain, Tara
The Long Pass Chronicles Lain, Tara
Love in Laguna Lain, Tara
Pennymaker Tales Lain, Tara
Tales of the Harker Pack Lain, Tara
Cowboys of Snow Lake Laine, Susan
Hearts Laine, Susan
Heroes at Heart Laine, Susan
Isleshire Chronicles Laine, Susan
Lifting the Veil Laine, Susan
Pariah Pack Laine, Susan
Sailor's Knot Laine, Susan
Second Chances Laine, Susan
Senses and Sensations Laine, Susan
The Wheel Mysteries Laine, Susan
A Brother of Devil's Comfort MC Tale Lake, Brair
A Brother of Devil's Comfort MC Tale Series 2 Lake, Brair
Xihirian Shifters Lake, Ciara
Feline Allure Lambo, Amy E.
Alliance Lamont, Lyndi
Cast From Camelot Lamont, M. Francis
The Champions Lamont, M. Francis
Dukes of Hell Lamont, M. Francis
Soul Mates Lane, Jourdan
Black Force Renegades Lane, Kallie
A Shadow Soldier Novel Lane, Kallie
Only Forever Lane, Shawn
In Love with a Billionaire Lane, Tanya
Perfect Love Lane, Trina
Phantom River Lane, Trina
The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada Lang, Chloe
Doms of Destiny, Colorado Lang, Chloe
Holidays in Destiny Lang, Chloe
The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada Lang, Chloe
Two Younger Men Lang, Chloe
Wilde, Nevada Lang, Chloe
The Erotic Zodiac Lang, Livia
Orlando Suns Lang, Stella
Brothers in Blue Langston, K.
Mine Langston, K.
Montague Vampires Lapthorne, Elizabeth
Related books Lapthorne, Elizabeth
Rutledge Werewolves Lapthorne, Elizabeth
Urban Seductions Lapthorne, Elizabeth
Alphas' Fated Mates Larkin, Kellan
Black River Pack Larkin, Kellan
Dragons of Lake City Larkin, Kellan
Mount Liberty Pack Larkin, Kellan
Ridge City Pup Pack Larkin, Kellan
Star Crossed Shifters Larkin, Kellan
Wolff College Omegas Larkin, Kellan
Dare to Dream LaRocca, Bea
Kinky in Kansas LaRocca, Bea
Barbarian Lust LaRose, Jennifer
Kismet Larose, Mya
One More Time Larose, Mya
Galactic Lust Lash, Kathleen
A Very Corporate Affair Latham, D.A.
Neodruids Latroy, Lark
The Pinnacles of Power Lauryn, Jessica
The Rabourn Theater Lauryn, Jessica
Team Manager Layne, Devon
Vital Signs Layne, Jamaica
Olympians Ascending Lazu, Sotia
Threefold Lazu, Sotia
Titans Lazu, Sotia
Valhalla Unlocked Lazu, Sotia
Vampire Cherry Lazu, Sotia
Angel Shifters Leaf, Erin M.
Bad Oak Boys Leaf, Erin M.
Blue's Boys Leaf, Erin M.
Close Proximity Leaf, Erin M.
The Criminals Leaf, Erin M.
Dream Marked Leaf, Erin M.
Four-Letter Word Leaf, Erin M.
Stronghold Leaf, Erin M.
The Warlocks Leaf, Erin M.
The Unrequited Trilogy Lebel, Amara
The Forbidden Trilogy Lee, Anna
All Mye Queen's Men Lee, Brenda Stokes
Ariel Estates Lee, Jessica
KinKaid Wolf Pack Lee, Jessica
A Novel of the Enclave Lee, Jessica
Billionaire Season Lee, Kimball
Rough Rowdy Reckless Lee, Kimball
Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles Lee, Kimball
Temptation Road Lee, Kimball
Princess Shanyin Lee, Liliana
You Don't Know Me Lee, Mandy
The Beasts MC Lee, Mason
Cape Shoals Lee, Mason
In His Dreams Lee, Mason
The Naked Truth Lee, Mason
Searching for Truth Lee, Mason
Forbidden Lee, Rebecca
My Husband's Boss Lee, Rebecca
Passion Agency Lee, Rebecca
The President's Lover Lee, Rebecca
A Slave to the Fantasy Lee, Rebecca
Billionaire Brides Lee, Roz
Ingram Brothers Lee, Roz
Lothario Lee, Roz
Mustangs Baseball Lee, Roz
Ashton Heights Fire Lee, Sami
Sunset Lee, Sami
Wild Crush Lee, Sami
Cloud Riders Of Da-Nigh Lee, Stacy
Nubble Light Lee, Stacy
Patronus Lee, Stacy
Rowdy R Ranch Adventures Lee, Stacy
The Billionaire Loves Big Girls Lee, Trinity
Spell of the Shifters Lee, Trinity
Command Leeland, Jennifer
Marked Leeland, Jennifer
The Next Generation: Command Leeland, Jennifer
The Bad Boys of Wall Street Leigh, Ember
Bayshore Leigh, Ember
Breaking Leigh, Ember
Erotic Destinations Leigh, Ember
Winter Harbor Heroes Leigh, Ember
Chosen Wars Leigh, Jana
Dangerous Leigh, Jana
Denver Pack Leigh, Jana
The Drekinn Leigh, Jana
Taming Team TEN Leigh, Jana
TRI-X Leigh, Jana
Vampire Lords Leigh, Jana
Wildfires Leigh, Jana
Lune Wolf Leigh, Jenna
Unraveled Leigh, Wendy
Rogues and Rescuers LeRoux, Lucy
Singular Obsession LeRoux, Lucy
A Spellbound Regency Novel LeRoux, Lucy
A Ravens MC Novel Leslie, J.L.
Royal Bastards MC Leslie, J.L.
Zane Leslie, J.L.
Desperately Delicious Levin, Tabitha
Urban Darkness Levin, Tabitha
Del Piero Pack Lewis, Lavinia
Desert Sanctuary Lewis, Lavinia
Shifters' Haven Lewis, Lavinia
At the Lake Lewis, Lynn Ray
Shadow Guardian Lewis, Robert J.
Someone Lewis, Robert J.
Call of the Wolf Leyne, Diane
Club Libertine Leyne, Diane
Home Leyne, Diane
Libertine Island Leyne, Diane
Satisfaction, Texas Leyne, Diane
Blessed Epoch Li, Augusta
Ensorcelled Li, Augusta
Steamcraft and Sorcery Li, Augusta
A Modern Myth Liebermann, Jude
The Billionaire's Secretary Linde, Viola
My Billionaire Lover Linde, Viola
The Pink Cove Lindke, Eva
Heavenly Lovers Linger, Voirey
365 Days Lipinska, Blanka
Rogues of Deception Lisle, Danielle
Dare Liss, K.M.
Dr. Sex Liss, K.M.
Enlightenment Liss, K.M.
Immortal Fire Liss, K.M.
Layers of Sin Liss, K.M.
Move Me Liss, K.M.
One Liss, K.M.
Riders Liss, K.M.
Unraveled Liss, K.M.
The Braided Crop Ranch Lister, A.E.
Various Lister, A.E.
Sweet Temptation Lister, Ashley
Lady Vampires Littlejohn, Dana
Children Of The Rainbow Llewellyn, A.J.
Honeybone Llewellyn, A.J.
Italian Stallions Llewellyn, A.J.
The Last Warrior Llewellyn, A.J.
Makaha Beach Detectives Llewellyn, A.J.
Mingo McCloud Llewellyn, A.J.
Palm Springs Diaries Llewellyn, A.J.
Pearl Harbor Llewellyn, A.J.
Relentless Llewellyn, A.J.
Tame Llewellyn, A.J.
Titania's Court Llewellyn, A.J.
A Wizard in Waikiki Llewellyn, A.J.
Banpaia Llewellyn, A.J.; Manly, D.J.
BDSM Voyages Llewellyn, A.J.; Manly, D.J.
Fawnskin Llewellyn, A.J.; Manly, D.J.
Haywire Llewellyn, A.J.; Manly, D.J.
Orgasmic Texas Dawn Llewellyn, A.J.; Manly, D.J.
Rough Riders Llewellyn, A.J.; Manly, D.J.
Tiki Vampires Llewellyn, A.J.; Manly, D.J.
Birds of Paradise Lloyd, Eliza
Body of Knowledge Lloyd, Eliza
The Charbonneau Twins Lloyd, Eliza
Cold Play Lloyd, Eliza
The Curse of the Weatherby Ball Lloyd, Eliza
Far From Home Lloyd, Eliza
Imogene Farrell Lloyd, Eliza
The Infamous Forresters Lloyd, Eliza
Mad Duchesses Lloyd, Eliza
Wicked Affairs Lloyd, Eliza
Cayuga Cougars Locey, V.L.
Lake Erie Shifters Locey, V.L.
To Love a Wildcat Locey, V.L.
Two Guys Walk Into an Apocalypse Locey, V.L.
Venom Locey, V.L.
The Assassins Logan, Patricia
Invitation Only Logan, Patricia
Marine Bodyguards Logan, Patricia
Master's Boys Logan, Patricia
Silvers Logan, Patricia
True Colors London, Clare
Kaleidoscope London, Mia
Perfect London, Mia
Undeniable London, Mia
Tale of Ithian Long, R.F.
Tales of the Holtlands Long, R.F.
Dragon Heat Lopez, Lolita
Grabbed Lopez, Lolita
Holiday Menage Lopez, Lolita
Outpost Nine Lopez, Lolita
Pretty Things Lopez, Lolita
Refuge, Texas Lopez, Lolita
Thorn Brothers Lopez, Melissa
Beautiful Ashes Lora Ann
Brothers of War Lora Ann
Price, Inc. Lora Ann
Strand Brothers Lora Ann
The Depraved Club Loren, Celia
Satan's Sons Motorcycle Club Loren, Celia
Vegas Titans Loren, Celia
Common Powers Lorenz, Lynn
Doms of The Chambers Lorenz, Lynn
In the Company of Men Lorenz, Lynn
McCallan Legacy Lorenz, Lynn
Rougaroux Social Club Lorenz, Lynn
WereWolf Fight League Lorenz, Lynn
The Horse List Lores, Anna
Hunter Coven Paranormal Romance Lores, Anna
Streaming Lovers Lores, Anna
Demon Hunters Lorraine, Evanne
Enyo Chronicles Lorraine, Evanne
Seduction Mission Lorraine, Evanne
Treeland Pack Tales Lorraine, Evanne
Eternal Lory, Ann
Frisky Business Lory, Ann
Age of the Faerie Louise, Jools
Appalachia Louise, Jools
Blue Platoon Louise, Jools
Elementals Louise, Jools
Hyrruld Warriors Louise, Jools
Inhibitions Louise, Jools
Kulle Chronicles Louise, Jools
The Ministry Louise, Jools
Mistress of Lust Louise, Jools
Pioneers of Sage Louise, Jools
Planet Hydra Louise, Jools
Spirit of Sage Louise, Jools
Three Bear Night Louise, Jools
Two Spirits Ranch Louise, Jools
Warriors of Sage Louise, Jools
Gladiators:House of Andromeda Louwe, India-Jean
Black Hornets MC Love, Amy
Blood Brothers MC Love, Amy
White Wolves MC Love, Amy
Get Some Love, Frankie; Seabrook, Chantel
Hammers and Veils Love, Frankie; Seabrook, Chantel
Love Without Limits Love, Frankie; Seabrook, Chantel
Mountain Men of Bear Valley Love, Frankie; Seabrook, Chantel
The Mountain Men of Fox Hollow Love, Frankie; Seabrook, Chantel
Princeton Charming Love, Frankie; Seabrook, Chantel
Six Men of Alaska Love, Frankie; Seabrook, Chantel
Finders Love, Ivy
A Quinn Winters Novel Love, Ivy
Sold to the Sheikh Love, Lisa
Hard Bargains Love, Virginia
New Adult Love, Virginia
Older Man Younger Woman Love, Virginia
On the Job Love, Virginia
Bad Boy Sports Loveling, Daphne
Fugitives MC Loveling, Daphne
Lords of Carnage Ironwood MC Loveling, Daphne
Lords of Carnage MC Loveling, Daphne
Los Perdidos MC Loveling, Daphne
Stone Kings MC Loveling, Daphne
Alpha Doms Lovell, Christin
Black Fall Bears Lovell, Christin
Future Alphas (Young Adult) Lovell, Christin
One Soldier Lovell, Christin
Snowy Mountain Lovell, Christin
Vamp Chronicles (Young Adult) Lovell, Christin
Love's Influence Lovell, Cooper
Alternative Touch Lovell, Sally A.
Bad Boys Escort Service Lovell, Sally A.
Black Security Company Lovell, Sally A.
Frankenlust County Lovell, Sally A.
McCray Lovell, Sally A.
Sheriff Lovell, Sally A.
Passion Magic Lowe, Elaine
Justified Affair Lowe, Heidi
Le Coeur Island Lowe, Heidi
Neighbor Lowe, Heidi
Service Girl Chronicles Lowe, Heidi
The Love Games Trilogy Lowe, J.F.
Masters of Highclere Lowe, J.F.
Seduction in the City Lowe, J.F.
Wickedly Yours Lowe, J.F.
Kiersen's Legacy Lucas, Samantha
The Seduction Lucas, Samantha
The Cringle Cove Christmas Chronicles Luciani, Kristen
Love Drunk Luciani, Kristen
Men of Mayhem Luciani, Kristen
The Mob Lust Luciani, Kristen
Reckless Reign Luciani, Kristen
Venture Luciani, Kristen
Distant Worlds Lucille, Kelly
The Dragon Mage Lucille, Kelly
Keeping Her Lucille, Kelly
The Tellox Lucille, Kelly
The Alpha God Luthor, Lexa
The Kingdoms of Gyldren Luthor, Lexa
Reckless Falls Lux, Vivian
Ruthless Lux, Vivian
The Sons of Steel Motorcycle Club Lux, Vivian
Wreckage Lux, Vivian
Chronicles of an Earned Lyhne, Meraki P.
The Cubi Lyhne, Meraki P.
Ore 5 Lyhne, Meraki P.
The Vargr Lyhne, Meraki P.
Outside the City Lyn, Amylea
Island Escapes Lynch, Caitlyn
Seasonal Shenanigans Lynch, Caitlyn
Angel Avenue Lynch, Sarah Michelle
Bad Lynch, Sarah Michelle
The Chambermaid's Tales Lynch, Sarah Michelle
Crimson Lynch, Sarah Michelle
Nightlong Lynch, Sarah Michelle
Sub Rosa Lynch, Sarah Michelle
Tainted Lovers Lynch, Sarah Michelle
Alien Warriors Lyndon, Sue
Barbarian Mates Lyndon, Sue
Jackson Settlement Lyndon, Sue
Kleaxian Warriors Lyndon, Sue
Rules of War Lyndon, Sue
Submission Lyndon, Sue
Tarrkuan Masters Lyndon, Sue
Worldship Brides Lyndon, Sue
Wyoming Heat Lyndon, Sue
Little Ladies of Talcott House Lyndon, Sue; Jones, Celeste
Precious Gems Lynley, Em
Guardian City Lynn, Grace
Star Kingdom Lynn, Grace
Bloodmates Lynn, Sandy
Club Strigoi Lynn, Sandy
Club Strigoi Shots Lynn, Sandy
Leigh, Drama Queen in Training Lynn, Sandy
Changing Moon Lynn, Sui
Elements of Love Lynn, Sui
Gods of Love Lynne, Jennifer
A Cosmic Café Mystery Lynne, Rachel
A Holly Daye Mystery Lynne, Rachel
Cake Love Lynx, Elizabeth
Him Her Them Lynx, Elizabeth
Lost & Found Lynx, Elizabeth
Safe Words Lyon, Gwyn R.
Prophecy Lyons, Brenna
Mistress in the Making Lyons, Larissa
The Cowboys of Cattleman Valley Lyons, Missy
Halloween Treats Lyons, Missy
Love at First Bite Lyons, Missy
Riding Western Style Lyons, Missy
Stud Service Lyons, Missy
Twisted Sex Games Lyons, Missy; Denis, Cherie
A Complicated Arrangement Lyons, Perdita
A Templar Vampire Novel Lyons, Rene