Series     Author
Maxey Wizards D'Amario, Teresa
Bought & Sold Dae, Lacy
Bound & Bled Dae, Lacy
By the Pack Dae, Lacy
By the Pack Series 2 Dae, Lacy
The Erotic Oracle Dae, Lacy
Taming the Beast Dae, Lacy
Wolf's Lust Dae, Lacy
Wolf's Mate Dae, Lacy
Fantasies Explored Dae, Natalie
Wolfe Trilogy Dain, Flora
Flowering Daltry, Sarah
The Romano Family Trilogy Daly, Debra A.
The Exile Dane, Adrianna
Primal Magic Dane, Adrianna
Tales Of The Midnight Pearl Brotherhood Dane, Adrianna
Vampyre Falls Dane, Adrianna
Zytarri Dane, Adrianna
Cabin Fever Dane, Cameron
Foster Siblings Dane, Cameron
Hawkins Ranch Dane, Cameron
Quinn Security Dane, Cameron
Raven Island Dane, Cameron
Seeking Redemption Dane, Cameron
Burning Bastards MC Dane, Ryder
Halo Lodge Dane, Ryder
Lucifer's Breed MC Dane, Ryder
Destiny Daneri, Diana
Dragon's Fate Danes, Lacy
The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow Daniel, Sara
Finally Ever After Daniel, Sara
Ever After Daniels, Elle
Long and Hard Daniels, Wynter
Wanton Weston Women Daniels, Wynter
The Witches of Freedom Moon Daniels, Wynter
G-A-Y Dare, Kim
Pack Discipline Dare, Kim
Perfect Timing Dare, Kim
Pushing The Envelope Dare, Kim
Sex Sells Dare, Kim
Desire, Oklahoma - The Founding Fathers Dare, Lana
Beach Resort Sensations Dark, Aryana
Wife Sharing Sensations Dark, Aryana
A Dark Bad Boy Romance Novel Dark, Aubrey
House Tales From The Archives Darkwood, Scarlet
Pleasure House Tales Darkwood, Scarlet
Cowboy Games Darlin, Wendi
Lust in the Time of Steam Darvill, Elizabeth
3xtasy Lake Davies, Corinne
Believing Is Seeing Davies, Corinne
Midnighter Seductions Davies, Corinne
Steampunked Lust Davies, Corinne
Elle Davis, Eden
Council Enforcers Davis, Keyonna
Pine Valley Davis, Keyonna
Great Plains Shifters Davis, L.C.
Kingdom of Night Davis, L.C.
The Mountain Shifters Davis, L.C.
Queer Magick Davis, L.C.
Bachelor Bodyguards Davis, Lexie
Bad Boy Assassins Davis, Lexie
Exotic Wolves Davis, Lexie
Lucky, Texas Davis, Lexie
Shifters of North Point Davis, Lexie
The Maidens of Mocmoran Davis, Wynette
Destined to Reunite Dawn, Camellia
Under Demon Rule Dawn, Camellia
Blessed Dawn, Dakota
Kidnapped by a Fay Dawn, Dakota
Other World Dawn, Dakota
Vamp Mates Dawn, Dakota
Demons of Dunmore Dawn, Gia
Red Masks Dawn, Gia
Incubus Makes Three Dawn, Tiffany
Lilith and her Harem Dawson, May
Alien Possession Day, L.A.
Faldron Shifters Day, L.A.
Hunters for Hire Day, L.A.
Warriors in Time Day, L.A.
Dragon's Light Day, Scarlet
Legends & Myths Day, Scarlet
Panther Key Day, Scarlet
Shifter Sanctuary Day, Scarlet
Knightly Bonds Day, Sunny
Recovery Day, Sunny
Silver Moon Wolves Day, Sunny
Men of Buckshot Ranch Day, Xondra
Nis City Day, Xondra
Opposites Day, Xondra
Ransomed Hearts Daye, Lavender
Siren De Long, Katie
Angel in Hell De Lune, Clair
The Blood Red Rose Club De Lune, Clair
Cairngorm Dragons De Lune, Clair
Prometheus in Chains De Lune, Clair
Red is for .... De Lune, Clair
The Rotherham Hall Mysteries De Lune, Clair
Bad Girls of Romance De Sues, Cherie
Taboo Dean, Jisa
Destinies Dean, Kasey
Frisky Fairy Tales Dean, Nikki
Wranglers Dean, Vivien
The Broken Men Chronicles Decevito, Carey
Fairytale Fantasies Dee, Bonnie; Treanor, Marie
The Kings of Mayhem MC Dee, Penny
The Kings of Mayhem MC TENNESSEE Dee, Penny
Lucifer's Boys Dees, Marie
Be-Were Dehalo, Lexi
7 Brides for 7 SEALs Deland, Cerise
Knights in Black Leather Deland, Cerise
Matrimony! Deland, Cerise
Naughty Ladies Deland, Cerise
Regency Romp Deland, Cerise
Scarlett Affairs Deland, Cerise
Stanhope Challenge Deland, Cerise
Swords of Passion Deland, Cerise
Those Notorious Americans Deland, Cerise
Tough Texas Hombres Deland, Cerise
Digital Desires Delaney, Leonard
The Ambrose Heights Vampires Deleina, Maya
Seasons of the Vampire Deleina, Maya
Vampire Architects Deleina, Maya
The Trusted Saga Delmornay, Carol
Light Delucy, Jennifer
Highland Vampires deMello, Suz
Broken Mirrors Demont, Vaughn R.
Spankee DeMure, Ronda
Burchston Cliff Pack Denair, Lacey
Guardian Denair, Lacey
Hanson River Pack Denair, Lacey
Red Rock Pack Denair, Lacey
Caveman Love Denis, Cherie
Fairy Tale Hot-Flash Denis, Cherie
The Carrington Cartel Dennie, Chiquita
Fuertes Mafia Cartel Dennie, Chiquita
Heart of Stone Dennie, Chiquita
Pierce Motors Dennie, Chiquita
Something Dennie, Chiquita
Struck In Love Dennie, Chiquita
TN Seal Security Dennie, Chiquita
Classics Rekindled Dennis, Josie
Lords of Hawksfell Manor Dennis, Josie
Blue Collar Lovers Dennis, Nicole
Fire Jaguars Dennis, Nicole
Southern Charm Dennis, Nicole
Alien Manhunt Denys, Jennifer
Battle of Wills Denys, Jennifer
Captured in Space Denys, Jennifer
Doms and Acquaintances Denys, Jennifer
Duoterra Denys, Jennifer
Friends and Acquaintances Denys, Jennifer
The Haunt of the Wolves Denys, Jennifer
Manor of Decadence Denys, Jennifer
Abandoned Hearts Deorre, Iris
Behind the Screen Deorre, Iris
Beyond Darkness Deorre, Iris
The Boss Deorre, Iris
Boundless Love Deorre, Iris
Brides Deorre, Iris
Celine & Rhyland Deorre, Iris
Crazy Love Deorre, Iris
Curvy, Sexy, Beautiful Deorre, Iris
Darkness Meets Deorre, Iris
The Darkside of Love Deorre, Iris
Eden, Jude and Spencer Deorre, Iris
Forbidden Love Deorre, Iris
Inmate Deorre, Iris
Ivy, Sophia & Stefano Vampire Deorre, Iris
Jasmine & Zack Deorre, Iris
Mending Hearts Deorre, Iris
Mind of Her Billionaire Deorre, Iris
A New Breed Deorre, Iris
Positive Curves Deorre, Iris
Ruby-Rae Deorre, Iris
Wicked Billionaires Deorre, Iris
Finding Happiness DeRicci, Diana
Granier Falls DeRicci, Diana
The Prendarian Chronicles DeSalvo, Doreen
Big Bad Bosses Devereaux, Vanessa
Big Sky County Devereaux, Vanessa
Big Sky Cowboys Devereaux, Vanessa
Big Sky Lawmen Devereaux, Vanessa
Brazen Ladies Devereaux, Vanessa
Cowbear Haven Devereaux, Vanessa
Fantasy LLC Devereaux, Vanessa
Filthy Rich and Sexy Devereaux, Vanessa
Forbidden Shifters Devereaux, Vanessa
Just For Your Pleasure Devereaux, Vanessa
Kalispell Shifters Devereaux, Vanessa
Love Cowboy Style Devereaux, Vanessa
Masters of Pleasure Devereaux, Vanessa
Perfect Pairing Devereaux, Vanessa
Secret Confessions Devereaux, Vanessa
X Libris Devereux, Zara
The Adapters Devon, Summer
Shrink Wrap Devon, Summer
Solitary Shifters Devon, Summer
Navy Seals of Valor Devonshire, Sabrina
Office Interludes Devonshire, Sabrina
Enigma Devour, Truth
Soliloquy's Labyrinth Devour, Truth
Sempire Seductions Dex, Jocelyn
Crossroads Diablo, Keta
DEEP Diamond, Jaine
A Dirty Rockstar Romance Diamond, Jaine
Sister Earth Diamond, Molly
Tales of Aswin Diaz, Carmenica
Inevitable Dimello, Ju
The Mating Games Diva, Catty
Moon Hunters Inc. Diva, Catty
Phoenix in Flames Diva, Catty
Porn Star Brothers Diva, Lady Jewels
Heartwishes Dobbs, Daisy Dexter
Determined Ladies Domenick, Tish
Gold Rush Domenick, Tish
Bourbon & Blood Donavan, Seraphina
Callahan's Secretary Donavan, Seraphina
Casanova Donavan, Seraphina
Dragon's Lair Donavan, Seraphina
DuChamps Dynasty Donavan, Seraphina
Gresham County Donavan, Seraphina
Blood Feud Donnelly, Gayle
By Degrees Donovan, Taylor V.
Bylaws Donovan, Taylor V.
Calling the Shots Dora, S.
Penetrators MC Douglas, Devyn
Pleasure Brigade Douglas, Devyn
Spy Games Downing, Mia
Alchemy Mates Downs, Jana
Beast Games Downs, Jana
Deadzone Downs, Jana
Deadzone: Infected Downs, Jana
Enthralled Downs, Jana
Fae Scandals Downs, Jana
The Forgotten Downs, Jana
Gods Behaving Badly Downs, Jana
Here There Be Dragons Downs, Jana
His Guardian Angels Downs, Jana
Incubus Contracts Downs, Jana
Marked Downs, Jana
Natural Magic Downs, Jana
The Others Downs, Jana
Pleasure Vessels Downs, Jana
Ravyn Warriors Downs, Jana
Rock Bottom Boys Downs, Jana
sHarmony Shifters Downs, Jana
Unexpected Angels Downs, Jana
Crimes & Indiscretions Doyle, Trudy
The Shape-Shifting Priestesses of Pygras Drake, Crystal
The Passionate PIs Drake, Francis
Invitations Drake, Isabelle
Haven's Crossing Drake, Kyleigh
Krave of Everton Draven, Zoey
Warriors of Luxiria Draven, Zoey
Aztec Security Drennen, Jerri
Men of the Jungle Drennen, Jerri
Sinful South Drum, S.J.
Billionaire's Paradigm Du Lys, Cerys
Billionaire's Ultimatum Du Lys, Cerys
Illicit Billionaire Du Lys, Cerys
The Monster Within Du Lys, Cerys
Scandalous Billionaire Du Lys, Cerys
The Hunter's Dagger duBois, Cera
Love Is Hell: A Valentine's Story DuBois, Edith
Rugged Savage Valley, Colorado DuBois, Edith
Taken by My Billionaire Boss Dubois, Kimball
50 Shades of Alice Duchamp, Melinda
Sons of Eros Duchene, Remmy
Scarred Hearts Duncan, Nikki
Second Chance Detectives Duncan, Nikki
Sensory Ops Duncan, Nikki
Tulle and Tulips Duncan, Nikki
Southern Spice Duncan, Tessa
Elemental Magic Dunn, Daisy
Hunger Dunn, Daisy
World Gates Dunne, Jennifer
Ronan's Legacy Dupaquier, C.C.
Bear Shifter Duville, Lola
Billionaire Vampire Duville, Lola
Panther Shifter Duville, Lola
Tiger Shifter Duville, Lola
Vampire Menage Duville, Lola
Werebear Shifter Duville, Lola
The Bears of Greenspoint Dylan, Maia
Grey River Dylan, Maia
The Shifters of Freedom Springs Dylan, Maia
Sniper Team Bravo Dylan, Maia