Feral: Obsession
  • Series Length:
    3 Books
  • First Book:
    December 2017
  • Latest Book:
    August 2018
  • Main Genres:

Feral Series in Order (3 Books)

Order Book Genre Date Rating
1 Science Fiction Romance / SFR 0
2 Paranormal Romance / PNR 0
3 Paranormal Romance / PNR 0

Book Descriptions for series: Feral

    • / Science Fiction Romance
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    Book - 1

    I never wanted a mate. Until I was put in chains. Strapped down. And claimed.

    I always believed I could analyze any situation until I found a solution. Solve any problem if I just applied my brain. I went to university, studied science and t...

    • / Paranormal Romance
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    Book - 2

    Taken. Brutalized. Claimed. My mate became mine during a heinous experiment designed to punish her for her disobedience. The scientists who locked me in a cage and stole my humanity gave her to me to ravage. To break. But she is far more than a warm...

    • / Paranormal Romance
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    Book - 3