Wicked Menage
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Why settle for one hero when two are so much more fun? Venture into lush tales of alpha heroes ready to be tamed by their woman. A LIMITED special release of threesome romances with a price sure to please.

TRAINED FOR PLEASURE by Jaide Fox (MFM): The assignment should have been easy for Detectives Rob Nash and Dirk Rambo, except neither one can stand the other, and the owner of the social club has taken it upon herself to personally train her newest acquisitions in the art of pleasure.
MORE THAN FRIENDS by Celeste Anwar (MFM): Jake, Brent, and Lizzy have been best friends for as long as they all can remember. They've never made a move to go beyond friendship, until the one day when Jake and Lizzy get too close for Jake's comfort. It's ignited a fire in his blood, and he knows he can't give up the chance to see if she wants to become more than just friends with him. Brent, who's always had a crush on her, isn't about to stand idly by and watch Jake get all the action. Not when he's been just as patient. It's on between them, whether Lizzy likes it or not.
HUNGRY EYES by Celeste Anwar (MFM): Miranda never dreamed she could enjoy watching someone else having fun so much … until she discovered Reece, the yummy Cajun she'd settled next door to. Reece was actually ‘in' to exhibitionism, she discovered … and lot more. And he wanted to take her along for the ride of her life....
ALIEN INSURGENCE by Jaide Fox (MFM): Stolen from Earth, Ebony realizes she must do whatever it takes to survive her captivity in an alien king's harem. What she didn't count on was being abducted by the rebel alliance. But if their purpose is to ransom the women, why then does their enigmatic leader, Fallon, tease her with his body? Why does his second in command, Damon, attempt to seduce her? She knows to give in to her impulses could only spell trouble for them, for the King will find them. And when he does, his vengeance could destroy them all.

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    • First Edition
    • Jan-2017
    • Andrea DePasture
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    • Jan-2017
    • eBook (Kindle)

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