Velvet Glove Volume III

Welcome back to the Velvet Glove, the most exclusive men's club on any planet. Volume III features two Velvet Gloves tales: Ghost, a Velvet Glove Story, and Velvet Need. Ghost: A Velvet Glove Story. When submissive Ghost appears in Trip's medical office, no one is quite sure what's wrong with the young man. Ghost collapsed during a scene with a patron, and Trip has to decide if the kid is ill or if something deeper is going on. Drawn to the pale, silent Ghost, Trip discovers that there's a lot more than meets the eye under the calm surface. When Ghost can't go back to work for the club, Trip takes him in, letting their new relationship deepen, teaching Ghost to trust. Can Trip help Ghost learn to accept his gifts? Velvet Need: Dent Farre thinks he has it all. A retired businessman, he is now a full member at the exclusive men's BDSM club the Velvet Glove. Anything he wants is at his fingertips, including a host of subs at his beck and call. So why is he so angry and frustrated? Bertoli Lutrell, a Dom, runs very intense scenes, and might be just what Dent needs. But just as they're beginning to make progress, Dent is kidnapped. Will he escape his captors in one piece? And if he does, will Luttrell be able to reach him after months of torture?

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    • Jun-2008
    • Torquere Press
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1603703993
    • ISBN13: 9781603703994

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