Velvet Blade

Gideon Blueplum has made a lot of money working hard and now it's time to play. He's come to the Velvet Glove, ready to pay for a year in advance to enjoy the pleasures that the club offers.

He doesn't expect to meet someone like Tybalt within his first hour of being at the Glove. Tybalt is beautiful, shy, and everything Gideon's been looking for in a sub and Gideon sweeps the man right off his feet.

But Tybalt's a refugee, and his people were all but wiped out by their conquerors. Will he and Gideon be able to play and enjoy each other's company, will they be able to fall in love, without Tybalt's past interfering? Or will that past spell disaster for everyone?

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    • Oct-2009
    • Torquere Press
    • eBook (Kindle)

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