Second installment in the serial ‘Demon's Mark'.

He had tricked her. Tricked her into trusting his professional façade and beguiling promises, and tricked her into spreading her thighs with lies and deceit.

Barely recovered from Dr. Hershey's grueling treatment to cure her ‘illusions', Selma soon realizes that the charming psychiatrist has a very sinister motive for his alternative methods; preparing her for a lifetime of mating with the oversized demon Lords he serves.

To escape her fate Selma must find a way of deceiving the dangerous trickster, but the only way she can do that is if she allows him to show her what it means to be mated to a demon.

NOTE: ‘Tricked' contains explicit sexual content featuring a very rough ride, manipulation and not entirely human anatomy. Only suitable for ages 18+.

This novelette is 12500 words long, or about 38 pages.

Demon's Mark Complete Series:

#1 Branded

#2 Tricked

#3 Hunted

#4 Captured

#5 Claimed

#6 Cherished

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