The Werewolf's Keeper

Alistair was once worshiped as a demigod of wolves, until his mate's murder, and Alistair was cursed to sleep for thousands of years. After waking into the new world, he feels anything but godlike, especially when he is captured and tortured by hunters. When he's ready to die, a miracle happens. His mate arrives and fights off the hunters and tends to Alistair's wounds. But Aland Enid can barely remember who he was, in this lifetime or the last, and he has been living off the land, waiting for something. Now that he's found Alistair, he's not willing to let the man die on him. But Alistair still carries the guilt of that horrible curse against those that killed Aland all those years ago. He does not even know if he was truly responsible for it, and now he finds himself terrified to tell his honorable mate, lest Aland decide to leave and never see him again.

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    • Jun-2014
    • Siren Publishing
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1627413561
    • ISBN13: 9781627413565
    • Dec-2013
    • Siren Publishing
    • eBook (Kindle)

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