The Alpha Wolf's Convenient Mate

Nick DeWitt, the leading alpha of his pack, was caught in a vampire slaver's trap, but fortunately, he's rescued by a drop dead gorgeous human who just so happens to be Nick's mate. Nick wants to take it slow with Oliver Moreau, the handsome man who came to his rescue. He's aware that humans don't think the same way as wolves, so he must tread carefully, but at the same time he needs to return to his territory. He offers Oliver a the chance to complete their bond within three days before. Their mating can unite his pack and the human village in a secure pact that will really give the vampires something to be scared of. If Oliver can't get over his human ideas on what it means to fall in love and mate on first sight, then Nick's wolf will go wild, and he will become the danger everyone fears even more than vampires.

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    • Jul-2013
    • Siren Publishing
    • eBook (Kindle)

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