Sweetheart Special

As Valentine's Day draws closer, Angel resigns himself to spending the holiday alone. After what looked like a promising start between him and Detective Sebastian Avanet, there's been no contact since Christmas. It's probably for the best. Angel doesn't want to get involved with a police officer. Too many risks.

Sebastian knows he's a jerk for not calling Angel after their first date, but they want different things. Best to end things before they get too complicated. Besides, Sebastian isn't “out” at work and he can't imagine Angel being someone's secret side-piece.

But when a not-so-chance meeting puts the two men in close quarters, the desire that flares between them might very well defeat their differences.

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    • First Edition
    • Jan-2019
    • Tielle St. Clare
    • eBook
    • Jan-2019
    • eBook (Kindle)

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