Soft Kitty
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This kitty needs to be petted. Hard.A little too much domestic bliss around the Pack is making Knox’s nerves tingle. If he had his choice, he’d escape to the city for a few nights of hot, sexy fun, but after the recent attacks, Knox knows he can’t leave. He needs to stay and protect the others—the happily mated pairs. Ugh.That doesn’t stop the intense urges inside him.He needs a fight or a f—Well, you get the idea.Enter GideonHe could give Knox both his desires—a fight and a f—Well, you know what he means.But Gideon’s not here for sex and he’s certainly not here to get mixed up in inter-Pack politics. Bears are solitary creatures. They don’t get involved and they certainly don’t take mates. Ever. Well, okay, sometimes, but rarely ever.It’s just while the rest of the Pack is living in Happy Ever After world, Knox and Gideon have to keep up their defenses. There is not time for, well, you know…

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    • First Edition
    • Aug-2021
    • Tielle St. Clare
    • eBook
    • Aug-2021
    • eBook (Kindle)

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