Memory's Flame

Bridget has always known her role in the Pack…mate with a strong wolf who would take over from her father and assume the role of Alpha.

As a dominant wolf herself, Bridget has yet to meet the male who could best her. She won't accept anyone except the strongest wolf as her mate.

Payne has come to town for a story... It isn't really possible that werewolves exist, right? Either his research is going to lead him to a bunch of crazies who dress up on the full moon or the biggest story of his life.

Injured years ago, Creed's wolf is damaged. He's no match for Bridget. He can only be her friend and lust for her from afar.

But when the past returns with vengeance in mind, there's only one way to survive -- they must join together and fight fire with pure fire.

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    • First Edition
    • Mar-2019
    • Tielle St. Clare
    • eBook
    • Mar-2019
    • eBook (Kindle)

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