Mate for Sale

After Andy Lapin's brother falsely accused him of theft, he was taken away to do his time. Luckily, the crime is petty, and he can get out by selling himself to an alpha who needs a temporary mate for breeding. The only problem is that he actually has no choice in the matter, and the alpha is already here to collect what's his. Istvaughn Kristoff is at an age where he should be producing pups, heirs who will take over the pack when he's gone, and he needs a human to drink his blood and act as his mate so he can get them. Only humans can carry shifter babies, but the problem is they often die when doing so. Still, Vaughn is willing to pay good money for Andy to take the risk, even if Vaughn is risking that his children end up with terrible red hair. What he doesn't expect is for the instant attraction to hit him, or for him to want this human so badly. But no, it's just a normal attraction. He can't possibly have a natural mating with this human, could he?

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    • Sep-2017
    • Siren Publishing
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 1640107126
    • ISBN13: 9781640107120