Matching Signs

Let the planets guide you to your Perfect Match.As a cop, Mitch has three rules for successful police work -- never work with rookies, never sleep with another cop and, whatever you do, never sleep with a rookie cop. When three women are attacked after attending an astrology dating club, Mitch must go undercover as a man looking for love in the stars. And his partner in all this is sexy, seductive Kat. Very soon, Mitch finds himself breaking all the rules -- particularly number three. Repeatedly.For Kat, working with Mitch is a great way to gain experience and move beyond the traffic beat. Even though she knows her relationship with Mitch can never be more than physical, she can't quite stop herself. There's something delicious about Mitch that makes him feel like her soul mate. It's too bad really -- underneath that tough exterior Mitch is a pretty good guy and he makes her heart pound. But Mitch isn't a one-woman man and Kat won't settle for anything less.So, they'll have their affair, work together to catch a killer and then they'll go their separate ways…unless the planets have something to say.

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