Masks Off Too!
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Masquerade Balls and Vampires go hand in hand in these stories that combine mystery, love, and biting! Sean Michael gives us Eternity: Is it really possible to die of ennui? Lukas is determined to find out. In Fool Me Twice by Missouri Dalton, botany professor Edmund Toussaint is a vampire who prefers alligator blood and keeps to himself. Up next is Sam Schooler's Scented: Ben Halloway: human, detective, so done with this serial killer vampire shit. Felix Whit: vampire, criminal psychologist, way too attractive. Ben's life is just fantastic. Anne Hedley explores Perfection, where August is flawed in a world that values flawlessness. While Laylah Hunter goes an alternative route with Cultural Hospitality: Reluctant vampire Caram has sworn off dating, but planning a space-station-wide festival with his handsome alien co-worker is testing his resolve. In The Other Side of Midnight by G.O. Noce, Ash only wants revenge against the man who betrayed him two centuries ago, but when Gavin reappears, revenge isn't what's on his mind. In Passions Unmasked by Jade Astor, James is thrilled when a hot guy invites him to a party unlike any other he's attended. And finally, Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga team up to bring us Super Juicy: Sometimes you want a good meal, but sometimes you want something super juicy. So take a bite out of love with Masks Off Too!

    • First Edition
    • Mar-2013
    • Torquere Press
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1610404548
    • ISBN13: 9781610404549
    • Mar-2013
    • Torquere Press, Inc.
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Mar-2013
    • Torquere Press
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1610404432
    • ISBN13: 9781610404433

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