Lost Prelude

My name is Maya, and I'm not the same girl I was a month ago.
There is an emptiness I carry around in my chest now. A broken heart caused by grief.
There are also dark nights where I have trouble breathing as I feel the heavy weight of loss rushing through my veins, painful moments where I can remember my entire being scream in agony as I held onto my father's cold, lifeless hand.

Then there is always a hero to every story, isn't there? A hero who I despised from the moment he opened his mouth.

His name is Alexander. He is my inevitable I never expected to find. The one my broken heart leads me to. His existence, his touch, everything he did to make my pain bearable will leave a mark on me forever.
Yet, I know that when I'm gone, he'll only remember me as a fading memory.

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    • Apr-2015
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Apr-2015
    • Ella Maise
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