Lost Heartbeats

*This book is the second and last part of the duet. The first book, Lost Prelude is already published.

My name is Alexander, and I'm no fucking hero.
Not when I couldn't even save the little heartbeats I was supposed to protect with my life.

When a fist closes around my heart after a death brings me to my knees, I finally go after the woman I'd been craving for months. Not just because her beautiful face is the only thing that slips through the pain when I close my eyes, but because she has secretly carved a place for herself in my heart - leaving me with no choice.

But if I do this, if I make myself believe that I deserve her, will the choices I make ruin everything between us? Will she accept the fact that she doesn't get to leave me twice?

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    • Aug-2015
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Aug-2015
    • Ella Maise
    • eBook

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