Lords of Lancashire
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All five Lords of Lancashire books in one volume!The Highwayman's HellionWinifred Langston has nursed a crush on her best friend's older brother for years, but Conrad Pearce has never deigned to notice her. Little does she know that Conrad has been concealing his attraction to her beneath his stuffy, respectable exterior. But when Conrad hears of Freddie's plans for one last, wild caper before she's sent to London for her first season, he's convinced to teach her a well-deserved lesson. He intercepts her disguised as a highwayman only to find he can't resist the sensual beauty hidden beneath the maddening tomboy's exterior and what began as one sort of lesson becomes quite another...The Vicar's MistressNo one ever expected the rakish, irresponsible Walter Langston to take up the collar, least of all himself. After an accident renders him unfit for military service, however, he has few other options. When he's given the post of vicar at a parish church in a sleepy, coastal village, he's convinced he'll molder in obscurity.Artemisia Finch left a lucrative life as a courtesan to care for her ailing father. Returning home hasn't been easy, though, as her past isn't even a poorly-kept secret in the village. When the new vicar arrives on her doorstep, Artemisia is determined to send him on his merry, pious way. But Walter Langston is nothing like any man of the cloth she.s ever known; he's funny, irreverent, handsome, and tempting as sin. Falling in love with a vicar would be a very bad idea for a former courtesan. Why does this one have to be so hot under the collar?The Spy's Fake BrideWith his facility for languages and gift for diplomacy, Thomas Pearce is perfectly suited for his recent position in the Foreign Office. Or so he imagines until he receives his first assignment. Instead of a safe consular post in a friendly country, Thomas is going to France to rescue Sabine Rousseau, the illegitimate daughter of Britain's premiere.Sabine and Thomas must make their escape, and it won't be easy. Her uncle considers her a ticket to curry favor with Napoleon and won't let her disappear without a fight. To avoid detection, the couple must pretend to be amorous newlyweds and this proves the most difficult task of all. Because it isn't long before neither of them is pretending, and every night, there's only one bed.The Soldier's Forbidden LoverWhen Laura Farnsworth discovers the blood-stained body of a man wearing the distinctive red coat of the British army, her first instinct is to let dead dogs lie. But then the man proves himself to be very much alive by grabbing her ankle and mumbling incoherently.After twenty-five years in His Majesty's service, Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Langston never expected to wake up in heaven, much less being tended an angel. Not to mention an angel who happens to be American. As the long-widowed Laura nurses him back to health, the attraction between them heats from a simmer to a boil. He should be working to find his way back to his regiment and from there, to England. Instead, he's sleeping with the enemy–and thereby committing the crime of desertion if not treason. But then, who's going to find out? If only his family didn't refuse to take missing in action for an answer.My True Love Gave to Me: A Bonus Epilogue to The Vicar's MistressBlissfully married for three years, Walter and Artemisia Langston untangle the mystery of a Christmas miracle.

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    • Jun-2021
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