Joining His Alpha's Pack

Emery Jones, a former hunter, wants to be part of the pack and to be with his mate, Griffin, an alpha wolfhound and the love of his life. To do that, he needs to live as a normal member of the pack and prove that he can be trusted. Griffin loves his mate. He will do whatever it takes to keep him safe within the lodge and see to it that he gets a second chance. However, when traps are discovered on the territory after a trip outside the lodge, Emery is blamed and taken into another hearing. Griffin won't have his mate abused, but thankfully the truth comes out when another hunter is captured and Emery is needed to talk to him and calm him down. Unfortunately, another attack is on it's way and when Emery get's pulled into it, he and Griffin won't come out of the wreckage the same as when they went in.

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    • Dec-2016
    • Siren Publishing
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 1682957764
    • ISBN13: 9781682957769
    • Dec-2015
    • Siren Publishing
    • eBook (Kindle)

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