Held Hostage by the Vampire Lord

Vaughn Carson has been in the hands of vampires for weeks, and with no rescue in sight, he knows he's on his own. This would be a much scarier thought if it wasn't for the incredibly handsome vampire noble Daren Fenrir, who nursed Vaughn to health after he fell sick in the dungeon and brought him to stay in one of the luxurious rooms of the mansion. Daren is clearly in lust with Vaughn, and while he feels the same, he's hesitant to act on it, or to respond to Daren's sudden and intense kisses. Daren claims to only want his missing brother returned, and he will release Vaughn when he is convinced that Vaughn poses no threat to the rest of his family. Vaughn's defenses lower and he and Daren become closer, giving in to their lust, but unbeknownst to either of them, a group of human hunters are closing in, and they are not Vaughn's friends coming to the rescue.

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    • First Edition
    • May-2013
    • Siren Publishing
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1622428927
    • ISBN13: 9781622428922
    • May-2013
    • Siren Publishing
    • eBook (Kindle)

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