Heart of Darkness
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He took her in the night…the Night Rider, Wolfe Sinclair. Powerful, wealthy, devastating, and cursed by darkness, nothing would stop him from possessing Isabeau Hart. For untold years he'd sought her, the other half of his soul, and he would allow nothing to stand in his way. Only with her willing surrender could he hope to be brought back into the light.

Inexplicably drawn to his mysterious nature, Isabeau willingly falls under Wolfe's hot, branding seduction. But danger lurks beyond the enchanted forest guarding the Sinclair lands. Another wants her for himself. Another willing to hurt and kill to claim her hand in an ancient Sidhe ceremony of binding.

Rating: Full Novel - 87,000 + words. Contains graphic adult language and sexual situations with mild violence. Includes oral sex and anal play. Paranormal Romance set in Regency period with elements of fantasy and magick. Also included are excerpts from current releases.

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    • Jan-2013
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Jan-2013
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    • ISBN: 1301073776
    • ISBN13: 9781301073771

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