Hard Aliens
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Take a wild ride through space and the future with big, hard men, aliens, and the women who drive them to the brink of insanity.

StarCaught: After a dare through a meteor field leaves his ship damaged, Tor Severian and his crew land on Earth for repairs. The planet of puny men and punier women leave a bad taste in their mouth, especially since “the law” seem determined to catch them at every turn and ruin their vacation. It's the woman, Samantha, however, who throws the biggest kink in Tor's plans.

StarRomped: To Hauk, Cole is a royal pain in his butt, and he's glad she's gone. He doesn't want to admit that the kiss they shared the one time when she tried to claw his face off sparked a raging lust to possess not only her body, but her heart. So what if he's a sucker for punishment? He's too smart to admit to her that she's gotten under his skin. If only Kerel's dumb butt could've gotten her home in one piece, he could have had his peace from temptation! Now Hauk is stuck with the job of rescuing the last woman in the galaxy he ever wanted to lay eyes on again.

PleasureBot: Assigned to go undercover as a companion android, FBI agent Sabin Grey thought he'd be in and out in no time, and discover if Emily Shue was responsible for the treasonous leaks on the Interstellar Galaxy Jump project. What he didn't expect was to find that the good “girl next door” had a wildcat lurking beneath the surface. Or that he would enjoy the timid scientist's sudden breaking in of her new PleasureBot toy….

(This anthology set also includes special extended previews of Captured by Aliens Books One through Five)


BONUS (Unedited) sneak peek of Shadowmere Legacies Book Two: HEART'S PREY

    • First Edition
    • Sep-2017
    • AD Publishing
    • eBook
    • Jun-2017
    • eBook (Kindle)

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