First Contact
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Read the NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Jaide Fox's first introductions to multiple series in this Box Set. FIRST CONTACT Set Includes:1. StarCaught (Intergalactic Mayhem Book 1)2. Alien's Captive (Captured by Aliens Book 1)3. Ravaged (Pleasure Masters Book 1)4. BONUS! PleasureBotStarCaught: After a drunken dare through a meteor field leaves his ship damaged, Tor Severian and his crew land on Earth for repairs. The planet of puny men and punier women leave a bad taste in their mouth, especially since "the law" seem determined to catch them at every turn and ruin their vacation. It's the woman, Samantha, however, who throws the biggest kink in Tor's plans. Agog at the giant robbing her at the bank, Samantha is stunned when she's kidnapped by the biggest freaking guy she's ever seen, leading the cops on a chase. Worse yet, it seems her captor isn't even human, and she's dragged kicking and screaming onto a spaceship of enormous, gorgeous men. The galaxy isn't prepared for the mayhem of Earth women in space. Alien's Captive: Driving through an empty desert in the middle of the night, Adrienne and Ebony Raines never expected to come across two UFOs, let alone be captured by them. Waking up on an alien ship, the sisters find they've been taken along with other women by the small grey aliens and brought to a strange world filled with giants who wanted them only for breeding purposes. Unfortunately for Adrienne, her attempts at escape only bring her to the attention of the Captain of the Guard, Dezec Zeta, who wants to tame the wild beauty for himself. Ravaged: Forced to choose between execution and binding herself to a sexually domineering ShadeShifter, Maura Nephrite knows there is no question of what her choice will be. But when faced with the winner of the gladiator games, Raker Anilan, she begins to wonder if her body can withstand his sexual demands. PleasureBot: Assigned to go undercover as a companion android, FBI agent Sabin Grey thought he'd be in and out in no time,

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    • First Edition
    • Sep-2015
    • Andrea DePasture
    • eBook
    • Sep-2015
    • Andrea DePasture
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1516365658
    • ISBN13: 9781516365654

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