Enter the Dragon

By Daylight Come By Tielle St Clare
It began so innocently¬...but it didn't stay that way. After saying a spell from a magic dragon book to entertain her nieces, Tina finds herself with a wounded dragon on her lawn. He doesn't stay a dragon for long. He turns into the most luscious man she's ever seen. In the dragon's world, every woman has two lovers¬ -- her Protector and her Warrior. To survive, the three of them must Join. Tina knows the perfect man to claim as her Warrior¬ -- strong, powerful and sexual. Now she has to convince him to Join with her¬...permanently.

Hyde! By Madison Hayes
One elegant aristocrat engaged in dangerous politics. One beautiful clone, his DNA stripped of emotion. One handsome madman who's supposedly spent his life in and out of gene clinics. All three of them are Teller's lovers. All four of them live in the shadow of the dragon. Each one of them is subject to a strange, dark possession¬ -- Hyde!

Tale of the Dragon By Mlyn Hurn
When Princess Lyra needs to escape castle life, she hides away in a cave shared with her strapping dragon, Maldovaar, who is nest-sitting an unusual egg. Lyra's father marries her to his chosen bridegroom, the Duke of Krytan¬ -- a match between strangers that benefits the kingdom. Krytan soon discovers her hidden lair, and all of her secrets. Her body can't resist his sexual allure. Her rebellious spirit battles assumed expectations. As they share passionate caresses, Lyra's sensuality demands more of Krytan than he ever planned to give.

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