Captured by Aliens
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Taken from Earth, Jasmine Gray and the other abductees awaken on an alien spacecraft, bound for a faraway world and a doomed civilization. When a rogue virus destroyed all viable females, the men of Chalcydon are forced to look elsewhere for brides -- and the unlucky Earthwomen are their only hope to save their dying race. In Jasmine's mind, they've all been selected as breeders, and she has no interest in making babies for alien captors.

Captain Dar Tagnon had no intention of claiming a bride for himself, until his meddling Prince and Princess order him to seduce a particularly troublesome female. In his mind, women are to be docile, not willful and disobeying. This Jasmine Gray is the last women he would ever choose for himself, but orders are orders, after all…

Rating: Highly detailed sensual content with some strong language between consenting adults. Futuristic Romance. Book three of the Captured by Aliens series. It is recommended to read the series in order, but not required -- this book can be read as a standalone. Also contains a sneak peek of an upcoming fantasy romance.


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