Beta Undone
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Is it his fault the Alpha Mate can't take a joke?

After pissing off the Alpha's mate, Kia gets sent on a crap job -- check on Madge, the crazy werewolf living near Pack lands. Kia has no love for the nutty wolf who makes silver bullets designed to kill other werewolves. He'd just as soon see the bastard gone.

Until he meets him. The half-crazy wolf is sexy and shy and Kia wants nothing more than to fall into an adult puppy pile with the guy.

Madge just wants to be left alone. If the kids from the local Pack would stop harassing him, he'd be perfect, except he's pretty sure the silver he works with every day is slowly killing him. The one thing he doesn't need is a gorgeous Beta wolf stalking his property under the guise of helping him. And maybe finding out the truth.

    • First Edition
    • Jul-2015
    • Tielle St. Clare
    • eBook
    • May-2015
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Jul-2015
    • Smashwords
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1310370362
    • ISBN13: 9781310370366

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