Anything for a Byline

Nat has paid his dues and just needs his first by-line to break into the journalism business. It's gotten to the point where he isn't too fussy about what magazine or newspaper that by-line is in either. When his friend and old newshound Al arranges an interview for him at the Velvet Glove, a private BDSM club, Nat figures all he has to do is show up, do the interview and write his story. Hell, these clubs are all for show anyway and nobody really whips people for fun, right?

His first indication that he might be mistaken is the serious, tall and more than a little scary dude who welcomes him into the club, the second is the extensive list of kinks he's asked to choose from. When he meets the man who's going to interview him and finds out that the interview is actually a scene, with him playing whipping boy, Nat realizes he may be in over his head.

Join Nat on his fascinating journey into the life of a full-time sub in this story set in Sean Michael's Velvet Glove universe.

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    • Aug-2009
    • Torquere Press
    • eBook (Kindle)

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