Alpha Untried
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Josiah knew training to become the new Alpha would be difficult. He didn't know it would leave him a desperate virgin. The rest of the Pack won't come near him and humans just don't do it for him. He needs a strong wolf…who doesn't recognize him.

Kal's days -- and nights -- are rigidly controlled as he works for the High Council. But sometimes, sometimes, it just gets to be too much and he needs a release. When he meets a young wolf in a human bar, he knows the perfect way to burn off that excess energy.

One night. That's all they've got.

Finding out his new lover will be taking charge of the neighboring werewolf pack adds a layer of complication Kal doesn't need.

But when outsiders attack, the two men must put aside their brief -- steamy -- history and stop the destruction or Josiah won't have a pack to lead.

    • May-2016
    • Tielle St. Clare
    • eBook
    • May-2016
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • May-2016
    • Smashwords
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1311742719
    • ISBN13: 9781311742711